Are 94-04 Cobra calipers all the same??

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  1. I'm doing a 5 lug swap with Cobra brakes this winter and am wondering if there is a difference in the 94-99 and 00-04 Cobra calipers. Thanks
  2. They are the same. The 10th anniversary ones are red, thats the only real difference. They are made by PBR, somebody correct me If Im wrong..Mike???
  3. I heard they were made by brembo.
  4. 94-01 = 2x 38MM pistons

    03-04 = 2x 40MM pistons
  5. So basically the same then. Thanks
  6. Similar, but if I was choosing i'd obviouslly go with the bigger piston calipers. 03-04 stuff is easy to get too, and cheap.
  7. 94-98 cobra calipers are the same as follows '94-98 Cobra, '95 Cobra R: 13.0x1.1" KVH rotors, 38x38mm dual piston PBR calipers. Rear single piston 38mm Varga Caliper, 11.65" vented rotor

    ...and '99+ Cobra: 13.0x1.1" Brembo rotors, spec'd 40x40 mm dual piston PBR calipers. Rear single piston 38mm Varga Caliper, 11.65" vented rotor

    above info was coppied from click on this link and it should answer your questions....
  8. I believe there is a Thread Pitch change on the Banjo Bolts also somewhere in there.
  9. yes there is the 96 and up use a fine threat banjo bolt you can buy a set at the dealership for about $15 thats where i got mine for my pbr brake upgrade...
  10. They will both work either way. I used 95 Cobra calipers and rotors on my 95 GT back when I was younger. The stopping power SUCKED REALLY BAD!!! I have read the Cobra calipers don't work very well, and heck I know that from experience.I also know a customer of mine who did that swap and he complained it didn't stop as well either compared to stock.

    I used the PBR calipers from the 99-04 GT on my 91 notchback, and they are awesome. The stopping power is incredible.
  11. i put mach calipers/rotors on my 95GT and the stoping is amazing now, pedal feel is so much better also.

    and i belive the gt's used fine thread bolts and the cobras used coarse thread banjo bolts
  12. They switched back to coarse in late 03 I believe. My new 03 calipers are coarse thread.
  13. Thats odd, because i took the stock 03 GT PBR's off my GT and replaced them with the 13" Mach 1 kit and the difference was night and day

    Then I put on sticky Bridgestone potenza tires. These tires stick like glue so under hard braking, so performance is VERY impressive. Under full braking the brakes slow the car down FAST. I absolutely love the Cobra brakes and tell my friends with 99+ GT's to do the upgrade. The GT PBR's suck compared to the Cobra PBR's. I wish you could come for a ride and see for yourself.

    I've often read that the 94-95 cars need a MC change to make full use of the calipers, but the 96-later cars don't. Before the $400 kits became widespread, Ford used to sell their kit with separare part numbers for the 94-95 cars that came with a new Cobra MC
  14. 94-98 are 2x38mm pistons made by PBR Fine pitch thread

    99-04 are 2 x40mm pistons made by PBR Mixture of coarse and fine pitch threads. Not sure on years.

    For comparison, the 99-04 GT PBR calipers are 2 x 44.5mm

    The front rotors on the 94-98 Cobra are made by Valeo, the rotors on the 99+ Cobra/bullit/mach1 are made by Brembo.

    Here's the difference visually. The red painted caliper is a 94-98 Cobra caliper, and the black caliper is a Mach 1 caliper

    You can see the physically difference around the pistons (thicker support on the 40mm caliper) and the difference in size in the actual pistons

    View attachment 426206
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    The measuring caliper is set to the 40mm piston, and placed over the 38mm piston for comparison

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  15. You must be right about the master cylinder on the 94-95 cars. It must be different. I recall hearing that somewhere in the past few years. I never changed mine at the time, but I am still curious of which master to put on there. The Cobra master cylidner??
  16. That's what I would put on there.

    But the odd thing is on my Fox i have Cobra 4-wheel disk brakes with the 38mm versions....

    I run a 94/95 GT MC and the brakes are fine? Weird
  17. the 94/95 gt vs cobra mc debate comes up all the time on the 94/95 board. basic jist is a gt mc will work and provide a slightly firmer pedal that most like.

    coarse banjo bolts started in 03, and must be purchased seperately.
  18. I have '98 Cobra brakes on my GT. They perform much better than the 96 GT brakes that were on the car. I open track my car and I'm very hard on the brakes. The PBRs have performed very well so far.