ART? Who wants their car illustrated? *pics*

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by gnat, May 24, 2007.

  1. You're welcome. I've had my mustang over 3yrs now and have never drawn it. I always planned on doing some mustangs but since I owned one it was always one of those things I could do some other time.

    Thanks to everyone else for all the positive comments too.
  2. make my black stang look just like that gnat like flyboys, well the color that is : )

  3. ;) just wait until it gets some highlights
  4. drawings are looking awesome. :nice: . I can't wait. Ooo, I'm next :banana:
  5. awesome work!! add me to the list please...

    thanks in advance!
    (larger pic is available if needed)
  6. AWESOME!!!! :banana: :banana: :drool: I've been waiting to see that. It'll look really good, i'm excited now. I love you (in a purely heterosexual way)
  7. AMAZING. :nice: :flag:
  8. looking good!
  9. oh me! Black always turns out well. This thing is hot.


  10. A couple of variations and the first one as well.

    Ambo these are the full size but not the full quality. I'll give you links to those in the morning. Hope you like them - I haven't been completely happy with the background thus the other images.



  11. DAMN!!!!!! THATS HAWT!!!! I LOVE IT!! Absolutely beautiful. I'm getting on paypal now so I can get the fullsize! Good work!
  12. gnat, in my town we have this big monument park, since you're not happy with the backdrop, what do you think of this?


  13. looks good, I'll see what I can do.
  14. I got stuck working on this and probably put in 8+ hours on it lol. I worked on it on and off during the day and I was up till nearly 2am working on it steady from about 8pm. lol my hand hurts. I stand by the fact that I hate drawing that type of wheels!


    I'll send links to Ambo and Flyboy in a little bit of their full resolution/uncompressed images.

    EDIT: ooops just noticed I goofed by the tailpipe. Gotta fix it.
  15. Came out killer though! :nice:
  16. at least my car doesnt have those FR500..... my 03/04 cobras should be a breeze to draw lol
  17. Haha, too bad almost everyone has or wants those wheels. :D I just ordered mine today, and when I get my car photo worthy plan on having you draw it...:nice: When things slow down though. You will be a busy man for awhile...

    Your art :hail2:
  18. Here are the higher quality versions of your images Ambo and flyboy.

    Flyboy -----

    Ambo (when I get a chance I'll try another background) ----- ----- -----

    Ambo, also you asked about print size I think. I've printed at 30+ inches before and it really didnt' turn out that bad. I'll look for the pics, but it wasn't a great printer to start with - just a big one.

    14x18 doesn't look bad but 8x10 (or it's natural resolution) will always be best of course. I think I've done a 22" x something too. They get a little grainy looking but not ugly. Frame it and from 2 feet back they look really good under the glass.

    Also, print from the .tif file, not the jpg. I really hope you guys are happy and thank you so much for your help. I just ordered a kick scooter for my sons upcoming birthday with the donations everyone has sent. lol No not one of those motorized ones.