Astra Hammond

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  1. Low 14's at 98 mph in the quarter aint bad for a 4000 lb swede :cool:
  2. That a metric low 14, a metric quarter mile, or a metric 4000lbs? :scratch:

    I'm so confused. :(
  3. Fixt

  4. Not completely untrue. :chin
  5. volvos can be fast. rip out the volvo engine and install a 5.0 mustang engine, and they go pretty quick.
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  6. Personally, I think you should "Rock" them: You'll certainly have one unique Pony! :runaway: I think you already have the honest answer....

  7. My little 2.3 turbo has more hp than my fox did as it came from the factory

  8. also not untrue. :chin
  9. yeah, but didnt your fox come from the factory with the inline six? my old HO scale AFX cars had more power than that engine did.:p:p
  10. Louvers are like cutting holes in your hood... Most people get their panties in a bunch over it, but I think they're pretty cool. Definitely look more at home on a 4 eye than an aero car.