ATTN: Downriver people

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  1. 1990 Mustang stolen. Blue LX w/centerline autodrag rims, GT spoiler and tails. two orange bondo spots at the top of the windshield on both side, bondo spot on the driver's door, dent in the passenger side fender. I'll put up some pics in case you guys see it. call APPD 313-386-7800

    no longer has the cowl hood..


    good pic of the dent..

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  2. how the car looks now..


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  3. MAN! What a bummer, sorry dude esp. around cruise time.... When was the car taken (at night i'll bet) did you hear anything? Any alarm or kill-switch?

    *Bump* for a AP guy.
  4. about 6:30am, an hour or so after my dad left for work..neighbor saw the car being towed by a small red car, but thought it was me taking it somewhere to be stored..this is so aggrevating. no alarm or anything, no signs of forced entry..ugh
  5. Sorry to hear about your car. I would definetly keep an eye on Ebay for parts that you had!
  6. be on the lookout while at the cruise this was some kids, so they'll probably be dumb enough to drive it around. if I see them, we'll definitely be having some words at least..
  7. If I find them, can i beat them or do you just want me to hold them and let you have 1st dibs on whippin' their a$$es.

    Seriously though, I'll keep my eyes open for it. :mad:

    What's the vin # and liscense plate # incase their stupid enough to leave yours on?
  8. you can do what you want with them..LP=YQB 614. if you see that plate, call the cops and keep following the car.
  9. I will be keeping my eye out down this direction.
  10. alright, cool..I bought the car from a guy down in monroe..maybe he wanted it back?
  11. ill definatly ask around and keep my eyes open for ya i live probally right around you and i know alot of mustang guys around here, and ill ask around if any1 just aquired some new parts, im getting sick of people ripping off others just cause there lazy pieces of ***** and cant get a job and buy **** for themselves, they gotta take stuff others have worked hard for and have put there blood and sweat into. if i find anything out bro i will for sure give ya a call and the PD also
  12. sorry to hear about your ride

    I will be on the watch down here as well
  13. thanks guys. after waking up this morning, I'm really filled with anger right just set in that it's gone.
  14. Bummer man......I will keep an eye out down my way....sorry for your loss :nonono: ......peace out
  15. bump..anyone hear of any unusually cheap parts being sold?
  16. Any news on the car??
  17. ya, how's the insurance company treating you?
  18., basically no insurance. my parents don't know if they're going to claim it. an investigator is "reviewing" the case..I think this means that he's seeing if it's worth his time, which it won't be. cops don't do much.. I've been looking on ebay and other local forums w/classifieds. nothing has come up.
  19. sucks man. :notnice:

    keep us updated