AWD EcoBoost Mustang in 2012???

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How do you feel about Ford making an AWD, twin turbo V6 EcoBoost, Mustang?

  1. I don't care if they make it or don't make.

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  2. It's a cool idea, but I wouldn't buy one.

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  3. I'm down right against the whole idea.

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  4. I would definately consider buying one.

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  1. The Camaros Zeta Platform is AWD Compatible..... :) I know I know,not a chance lol
  2. At this point, what the Hell's another 500 lbs on top of a car that already weighs 4000? I say, go for it, GM. It ain't like they could screw up the Camaro any worse anyway...
  3. I will probably get in trouble for saying this, but I like the Camaro. I think it is the best Camaro they've had since 1969 (probably get in even more trouble for saying that, lol). Yeah, it's over weight, but the thing is cool looking and it's still quick and for normal driving the over-steer probably isn't that bad. Just my opinion (haven't actually driven one so I don't know for sure).

    Also, I wouldn't own one over any V8 Mustang from '64.5-'70 or '05-present.

    A GM product I could really get into is the Saturn Sky with some sort of V8. It would be pretty funny to put a Ford motor in it. Get back at all those hot rodders putting 350's in '32 Fords.
  4. :rlaugh: You kill me :).....
  5. I do like the Sky and Solstice. They're a lot of fun but the egonomics of them are questionable. For being bigger than a Miata, I'd expect some more room in them, and the locations of things like window switches are just put in very questionable places.

    I highly recommend driving one of the "Red Line" versions or "GXP' versions. They are quite fun.

    If you want to talk about swapping engines, look no further than a Google Search of the Mallet Solstice.

    BTW, you know when you drink, you get beer goggles, and sometimes things look thinner than they really are? I got drunk, then saw a brand new Camaro and it looked like Roseanne.
  6. :rlaugh:

    That was too funny not to reply too lol

    I've been lurking around this thread....all I gotta say is it would be cool, I wouldn't buy an AWD Mustang, because I don't need one, but I understand the need for some people. But keep dreaming :)
  7. Don't say that. If you know what you're doing, AWD can be used with anything.

    A few examples:
    Nissan GT-R w/ twin turbo 6.
    Lamborghini Gallardo w/ V10.
    Audi R8 w/ either V8 or V10.
    Porsche 911 Turbo w/ flat 6
    Bugatti Veyron w/ W16 and turbos
    Also, GM's Holden division has come out with V8 AWD coupes.

    Here is an AWD Mustang. Kind of.
  8. I almost want to laugh at Walter, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Instead, I highly recommend hitting the local Borders or Barnes & Noble and heading straight for the section on Automotive Performance. I'm sure he will learn all sorts of things about the dynamics of AWD vehicles. I'd just like to name a few types of vehicles that use AWD, and not all of them have forced induction, and even less of them are "nimble 4 cylinders."

    1. Nissan Skyline (classic)
    2. Nissan GT-R
    3. Porsche 911 Turbo (all variants)
    4. Porsche 911 C4S
    5. Lamborghini Murcielago
    6. Lamborghini Gallardo
    7. Lamborghini Diablo VT
    8. Subaru- All models
    9. Mitsubishi Evolution
    10. Cadillac CTS
    11. Chrysler 300
    12. Dodge Stealth R/T/Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4

    There are so many more capable performance/sporty vehicles that I can't possibly sit here and think of all of them.

    Walter... :nonono:
  9. I wish I would have done this in the beginning, but I just added a pole to this thread. Vote if you haven't already. So far it is %100 "I would consider buying one" (1 of 1).:D

    Just reading through the opinions it looks like 5 people like the idea, 3 don't and 3 don't care or are not opposed.

  10. Yes I'm aware of that, you're failing to see the point.

    All those cars are

    1) Independent suspension vehicles.
    2) have a combination transmission/transaxle unit.

    Something that the Mustang does not and cannot have until the platform is revised.

    As far as successful implementation of AWD is concerned that leaves much to be desired on a lot of them. Most listed are known to handle badly, because of their weight and its distribution. VR4?, 300C? come on!

    Skyline R32-34 = Understeer kings unless in GTS-t trim which is 2WD.
    Nissan GT-R = Not worth the money also too heavy and understeer see Z06
    911 Turbo = Made into AWD to keep rich kids from wrecking into trees see GT-2 and GT-3 Models for the real deal.
    911 Carrera 4 = see above, learn to drive, save some cash, and buy a C2
    Lamborghinis = Too big, Too heavy, Too $$$$
    Subaru + Evos = I wasn't disagreeing on these also in the right price range.
    Caddy + 300C = OK... and? don't ever see those on the Auto-X and their sales are abysmal in that configuration.
    DSM / VR4 / RT-TT = Heavy Understeer Kings seen one lately?

    Apples and oranges dude. I'm sure if you throw enough money at something it can come out alright I suppose but like I was saying with the mustang's platform/suspension/drivetrain this isn't happening any time soon. But what do I know? I've only lived overseas, seen nothing but rallys live and driven for many years Subaru Legacys AWD, and a Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9ltd which is also AWD. I can tell the difference.
  11. Maybe with all this talk about the new Mustang being 4000+ lbs., I could just throw some snow tires on and drive it in the winter. It will be too heavy to slide around.

  12. Yeah, or Ford could donate them to our troops overseas. I'm sure they'd have enough steel in them to defect the blast of a landmine or six! :flag:
  13. The votes don't look too bad.

    So far:

    1. 20% - Don't Give a ****.
    2. 50% - Will be running around telling all their buddies about the cool new AWD TT Mustang.
    3. 10% - Will be on StangNet b**ching about the new AWD Mustang.
    4. 20% - Will be at the dealership signing their life away (or at least 5 years of it :D).

    I can live with those #'s.
  14. To be fair, I realized today that I wasn't really comparing apples to apples here. The Fusion is actually the same "size" as the Subaru Legacy, not the Impreza.

    A 6 cyl AWD Fusion is about 160 lbs heavier still than the same Legacy. The Focus, however, is 500 lbs lighter than the Impreza. Still not really apples to apples considering the Impreza is AWD.

    I hope the make the both Fusion and the Focus AWD/Turbo, but I think I would like the Fusion better due to size and appearance.
  15. Agreed, the Fusion is far better looking than the Focus. News from ford is that the Fusion will get the 2.0ltr Eco boost...whether its AWD or not has not been disclosed to my knowledge. Would be nice though.
  16. I read some older "material" that said the Fusion would be getting the 3.5L and the 2.0L EcoBoost. Something about a GT model that would be 3.5L EcoBoost, but that was before the Sport came out with the 3.5L (non-EcoBoost).
  17. Boy wouldnt it just burn everybodies butt if they did that to the mustang 2.0 eco in a base and 3.7 eco in the GT and then the 5.0 in shelby or whatever? you never know what they thinking these days. :)
  18. You wanted names, and you got them. I'm sorry (not really...) if you don't like the choices that I provided you.

    The Mustang CAN have an IRS. The Mustang is on the Lincoln LS platform, and I'm pretty sure that car had an IRS.

  19. Not to mention the 99-04 Cobra's had IRS...
  20. It probably would burn a lot of peoples arses, but it could be worse. Think mid 70's - early 80's. Those cars had hardly any horsepower.

    The only way I could be happy about a 3.5L EcoBoost GT is if it was AWD. :rolleyes: One thing I have noticed is all the current 3.5L EcoBoost models are AWD. It really does give me hope. You know how things go though, I will probably just be disapointed...