baddest 306 ...streetable combo you have ever seen

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  1. TTT....any more
  2. My setup is in sig. Very streetable. It also just passed emissions on the first try. I used a few tricks and it blew less than half the limits.

    It made 365 rwhp @ 5800 and 353 rwtq @ 5200. Torque is above 300 at the wheels by 3000 rpm.
  3. Baddest streetable 306 combo. I think it would have to be something like a R302 block and billet internals. Twin turbos. Nitrous fogger. Killer head-cam-intake combo. Aftermarket ECU with 3 programmed settings...street, race, race w/N2O..............dreaming. :banana:

    Mine does alright, but I still think it needs to be faster. :)
  4. Here's my 94 GT:

    302 punched to 306(Eagle 4340 steel crank&H-beam rods, SRP pistons)
    Novi 2000
    Edelbrock 1.90s
    Cobra intake
    AFM B-21 cam
    1.7 rollers
    42# injectors
    70mm TB
    80mm mass air
    adj fuel pressure reg
    unequal shorties, H-pipe, Ultra-Flos

    454.8rwhp, 428.8rwtq
  5. Great thread! all this reading makes you want MORE MORE MORE

    331-347 minimum for this cat 600hp on the squeeze here we come!

  6. Yes it has really turned out to be see all the power that is being turned out by a 302 block.... :nice:

  7. What does that car run on a slick
  8. I vote Perkys (Bill) his 306 n/a is just plain nasty!!! Its deep in the 11's and is in a full weight GT.

    I can only dream of getting my 306 that of these days....... :)
  9. My D1 Procharged 306 wasnt very streetable, but could have been made to be with a burned chip and dyno time. It never idled and if I ever did it again would avoid the FMU.
    but with Twisted Wedge heads E303 cam Track Heat intake, 70MM tbody and of course the Procharger @ 9psi intake took me to over 120mph in the 1/4 mile.

    Enough bashing on DSS, my old 306 was made by them and now the 408. I have never had any problems with the motors and the 306 worked flawless, until I put boost to it. As many times as the 306 saw high RPMS and then drove probably close to 40,000 miles. Before melting the pistons the motor was still as clean as could be and used no oil.
    I havent started the 408 yet. Was supposed to get it in the new car last week, but problems with the heads meant I had to take them off and send them back to Kentucky to get worked on again.
    Hopefully I can get them back and start it up in 2 weeks.

    Heres a couple guys I know who run stock shortblocks and abuse them a lot, plus they are 100% streetable. The 1st one has his wife drive it quite a bit around town and such, its a nice old ladys car.

    1. Stock Short Block, Trick Flow Twisted Wedge Heads, Holley Systemax Intake, Novi 2000, F-Cam, 42lb inj., Tremec TKO, Spec Stage 3 Clutch, Billet Flywheel, 1 3/4 Long Tubes, Off-Road H-Pipe, Dynomax Ultraflo's, 70 TB, 80 MAF, Wild Rides 6pt Cage, 5 Lug Conversion, 3.73's, Swanson Custom Chip
    [email protected] on 17" Drag Radials
    547 rwhp, 482 rwt

    2. Stock short block, GT-40P Heads, F-cam, Vortech S-Trim W/2.95 Pulley, Stock Crank Pulley, Stock Rockers, Trick Flow Track Heat Intake, 42lb Inj, 80 MAF, 70 TB, Cartech Power Pipe, Tremec 3550, 3.55's, 1 5/8 Long Tubes, Pro Chamber H-pipe, Flowmasters w/dumps, Swanson Custom Chip
    [email protected]
    525 rwhp, 471 rwt
  10. We've been as quick as 11'0's at 120 mph plus in NMRA legal P/S TRIM..But thats a with a 308 inch power plant and a 3250lbs carb'd car.
  11. Hey Purestreet,
    whats your combo? Just wondering, i love the pure street cars, especially the carbed ones. Was hoping with a set of AFR 165's and some 4.10's and good tires, to see mid to low 12's with the 85 in my sig, with room for improvement.
  12. Really surprised to see only one other blower combo so far. My 300 mile per week commuter car is a very mild street and emmisions legal combo with a very old school 80,000 mile paxton SN92 and put out 390hp and 400 ftlbs of torque at 5 psi and gets 20+ mpg. It managed a 12.4 @ 114 on 28 x 9 ET drags with only 3.55 gears, too tall tires killed it.

    Saw perky run last weekend, very awesome watching him launch in the other lane and pull the front tires 1.5' for 20'.

    The big question is why have it be occasionally street driven? Drive it every day and enjoy it, you only live once so make every day count.

  13. I'm with you Jamie, drive it EVERY day and then its a true street car! I drove my ProCharged, DSS 306 in my 95 everyday and it made over 450RWHP on pump gas. Unfortunately the blower couldn't take the everyday abuse and blew up on me after 20k but the DSS is still going strong as hell and now gets abused with nitrous!
  14. I know Bill, Rick, and Jamie got some nice combos going. Looks like a bunch of others too. :nice: I can only wish right now. I'm hoping to have something pretty nice in a year or so.
  15. Hey pure street, I've never seen your car running in P/S when did you race it? Got slips from 11.0? I don't believe it
  16. Anyone with input on a CHP 306? This is the first negative anything i've heard about DSS....i've always heard that their clearances were above factory specs. Is it possible that this was a fluke or a rare occurance? I'm not doubting you at all, it's just surprising.
  17. dss pro bulley 306 windage tray and all, tfs pistons
    tfs tw heads, ported out to max
    tfs stage 3 cam or a custom grind from ed curtis
    all the lil stuff injectors, tbody etc etc.
    100shot wet kit NX

  18. Yes i do have time slips and no i won't post them but i would gladly line up next to you and we'll see what it runs :D ..Sounds good to you.

    do u have any dyno or tracktimes with your combo?

  20. It's just a 308 cid with AFR 165 heads and custom grind cam from [email protected] carb'd air-gap intake(gasket matched) 650hp series carb from "quickfuel" 1 3/4 LT headers,x-pipe,dynomax"bullet" mufflers,4.56 gears 26x10 slick,no a/c or p/s and some other goodies :D