baddest 306 ...streetable combo you have ever seen

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  1. nope, car is down right now and I've never raced it. I'd expect around 360-375 rwhp from looking at other combo's. I'll post times and/or dyno results when I get it back up and running (hopefully soon).
  2. Na 306

    In the sig. Shift at 6200. 3100lbs with driver. Mark
  3. Why not post them. If you run pure street then they would be posted anyway so lets see the times. I'd line up with ya anytime. I think you're making up the time so might be making up the car too. I've looked into your car and it's never been in P/S competition. What race were you at and I'll look in Race Pages :bs:
  4. Try the joliet race..i was DNQ for a tech infrengement( no roll bar) and yes we do race this car at the track(test & tune) clocks off and this car is raced here in chicago alot..It's a real nice "street car"
  5. A friend of mine with a stock 1988 120,000 mile hatch 302 mustang put AFR 185 heads on it, 24 lb. hr. injectors, 40-42psi. of fuel pressure, 70mm TB, GT-40 upper and lower with 1 in. spacer, stock cam with 1.7-1 rockers, stock transmission, heavy duty clutch and scatter shield on E.T. streets with 3.55 rear gears and ran a best of 12.4 with the average of 12.8 being the normal. He of course over-reved it which is super easy to do with the heads he had on it (spinning it 6500+ stock 120,000 mile short block). The motor lasted about 5,000 miles maybe and about 6 or 7 passes before it gave way on him.

    There is supposedley a high 10 sec. naturally aspirated 306 5 speed white fox body hatch that runs around on Telegraph here in Detroit. I also hear he spins it 8,000 RPM+ when racing but I dont know, I've never seen the car run. Who knows maybe it's someone from here...
  6. so what is wrong with DSS? I thought they were a reputable company...I'm looking foreward to a 331 strocker...does anyone recommend another company...? Is CHP better?
  7. See Sig.......... thats @ 3200lbs
  8. My 306, with a shortblock assembled in 1987, runs 12.90's on the motor, in my 82, carbed, thru a C4 and 4.10 gears on Drag Radials.

    Its got a 30 over 68 302 block, a salvage yard 78 Thunderbird 302 crank and rods, and forged TRW pistons, Speed Pro rings and bearings. It still has the Rhodes lifters 270 deg/464 lift cam and lifters that I installed in 87. Ford SVO timing chain. It currently has an Edelbrock Performer RPM, Holley 600 (80457), and some 94 Lightning iron Gt40's, with a Comp spring package. With a mechanical fuel pump and stock tank, e fan, and MSD Digital 6. Also has 1986 Blackjack semi longtubes and dumped Super 40's.

    It's not balanced, but it will spin to 6k with the stock stamped rockers! Has in excess of 95k miles on it.

    Kind of amazed that it runs this well!
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  10. Not a 306, but here's a little 302 I wouldn't mind having...

    stock 93 cobra short block
    stock cam
    tfs twisted wedge heads
    holley intake
    50lb injectors
    hellion turbo kit

  11. Are we talking no power adders? If so it would be the FPS hemi heads @ 16:1 c/r,fabbed tunnel ram with mech. injection on alcohol,and a cam with somewhere around a full inch lift and a duration around 300 @ .050,shift at 11K rpm :)

    Power adder? Same thing only drop compression to 7.5:1 and instead of a tunnel ram,theres a 14-71 blower on top,hehe. :D