Bang For My Buck: V3 Or Tfs 170

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  1. So I'm at the point with my 95 gt project where I'm going to call it finished. All I lack is a little more umph under the hood and to freshen up the interior. Here comes the delima; well money of course. My current setup is e7 heads, .512 lift cam, and Tmoss ported lower ho intake making 223 at the tire. A new intake manifold is just not in the budget boys, and I hate to buy twice. That being said which would give me more bang for the buck; if I kept everything as is and added the v3 using the fmu (yes, I know I know) or purchasing a set of tfs 170s or something comprable in price and performance as well as all the stuff needed like rockers etc and keeping the .512 cam and ported lower? The motor is a fresh rebuild and this is a street car only, might see the strip once just to see what she'll do. If I got a head job I'd have to figure in labor if I go with the supercharger I'd attempt the install myself. Thanks for any input fellas and remeber it is what it is at this point with the ported lower. That's my horse and I'm gonna ride it
  2. No comparison.. Blower first.. Heads later if you still want more..
  3. Blower...but I'd upgrade ASAP away from the fmu,etc when you can.
  4. BOTH! But start with the blower.
  5. The blower is the place to start in my opinion. You get the best bang for your buck and now that the V3 is self contained the install is relatively easy. Plan on a weekend ( 2 days ) to get everything all buttoned up and then we all want pictures of the stupid grin on your face after the project is done. PM me for some info and pricing on a kit for your car. We are a Top Tier Dealer for Vortech and can drop ship!
  6. So if he chose NA over blower with his cam, tmoss ho intake and tfs 170's what HP you guys think he'd make? just curious since we all know a blower is quick HP but NA can be a first step progression as well w/o the concerns of a blower on a 302.... again just asking.... my mini would suck wo the turbo...
  7. With all the supporting mods needed he could get anywhere from 280-300+rwhp n/a. Blower with e7's and supporting mods=325-400rwhp. With a proper blown/tfs heads/tune=400-500rwhp depending on boost,etc
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  8. ^ That is right on target. I would expect at least 100 rwhp gain from adding the blower alone and only apporx 50 rwhp gain by changing the heads alone
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  9. The blower is less hassle and honestly just as reliable, if not more than hci
  10. You think? He'd really have to push that blower to see 100hp through a set of E7's and ported stock intake. I'm betting his gains will be closer to 70-80hp range with the blower?
  11. What he said!
  12. I would bet on 100rwhp. Vortech has test data to support that a stock car will see gains of over 100rwhp.
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  13. The relaibility thing was my next question. This is a one shot deal fellas and I need it to last. Also do you think once I had the heads and all other hardware purchased and installed up and running I'd have spent about $3k? 100 hp gain would be nice but I'd be happy with 270-275 to the wheel up from 223, the cheapest way I can get it. Also does one have to be running around at redline all the time to enjoy the benefits of a centri blower? I've never ridden in a forced induction car (well besides diesel trucks) I have 3.73 rear gear if it makes a difference which way to go
  14. At the end of the day if you are doing heads only and paying for labor you will have spent less than the blower kit costs. You also will make less HP but should be close to obtaining the goal you have set. Bang for the buck wise the blower yields a better result IMHO but will cost more than doing just heads alone.
  15. And before someone else says it, there is nothing like being blown... ;)
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  16. Ha thanks man you sumed it up very nicely. I've got some thinking to do. Well I guess really it all comes down to money. If I can swing it and the price was fairly negligable I'd go v3. If the savings were on the significant side I think I could settle for a good head job. :yawn:
  17. Me personally i say go NA with a better hci setup.
    If you drive the car hard nothing good comes from stuffing boost into a restrictive top end, unless you consider heat and blown head gaskets good.

    If you can afford a new blower for a 94/95, you can afford a nice complete hci setup.
    The blower alone is what, $2500, then you need supporting parts?
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  18. Whatever direction you go, a stock intake -ported or not- is going to hold you back. 270-275 RWHP NA is probably achievable with nice heads and other parts, but at that point an intake swap would probably take you the rest of the way to 290-300. Boost can help overcome anemic induction parts to an extent, but I think keeping that intake is handcuffing you.
  19. Hear ya but I don't think I'm gonna have the $600 handcuff key