Bbk Fuel Regulator Pressure

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  1. That's some funny stuff right there. Now, why would he mislead people showing a dyno run with a carb, no mufflers? I wonder if it was even the same damn motor. No matter, my point is beyond proven.
  2. Oh yeah, suppose to be lean as [email protected] but its rich as hell. But still, you can always tweak the pressure for a little bit more, but there's only so much before the bad explosions happen.
  3. Ya was dynoed with a carb, and we dynoed it about 5 times and it kept on climbing. when we took off the mufflers it made a 10 hp diff..
    its makin power cause they lengthend the rods, i was told make more power. and has a girdle at the crank.. Im the one who wanted it efi after..
  4. According to your initial mods list, you don't have longer rods.....

    .....but then you also say stock bottom end and Scat Rods and Probe pistons in the same breath....which is not the stock bottom end. So which is it? :scratch:
  5. If that motor can handle up to 362 maybe up to 400 hp with a carb.. would the24lb inj realy kill the power right at 326 hp ??
  6. Stock block bored .30 over and stock crank refinished.. what i meant for bottom end.. you guys are realy tecnical lol
  7. I bought the 24lb inj cause i was told they can handle up to 500 hp if maxed out.. and better for the stock computer
  8. helps if you know what you're talking about. You don't install longer rods on a stock crank. You either change the rods and crank both, or neither.

    A .030 bore 302 is a 306. That means you haven't changed your rod length despite claiming the engine has longer rods.

    You were told wrong. And you don't want to "max out" an injector. Shoot for 85% duty cycle. Use the list that was posted to select your injector size.
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  9. not on here to bs just trying to get some info.. drive up here i can show u all the paperwork and car to match..
  10. They are longer rods believe it or not... did you know santa clause is not real?
  11. no sense in arguing.. you build your engine your way othere people buid it they'r way
  12. i will see what the 24s will do then if i have to i will upgrade
    car hasnt ran yet with this set up. bbk sent me a bad mass air unit, now waiting on them .. had it running but always had a code 66 n ran like :poo: if not at WOT
  13. Can you explain how longer rods work on a stock crank? Are your piston cut in half or do they go half way into your heads?
  14. Thats how it works in a way. 5.4 rods have been used on stock cranks for years. Thus a "long rod" 302. When the rod gets longer, the Piston compression height gets smaller.

    You use rod length plus half the crank stroke, plus piston compression height to get your total length. So, 5.4+1.5+1.3= 8.2. 302 deck height 8.2. So a 302 stock piston is roughly 1.6" in compression height. New piston would be .300" shorter.

    No different than a 347 with a 5.4" rod or 5.315 rod. Same crank stroke, just a different piston.
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  15. Rod length has no effect on displacement.
  16. Ok, I have heard of the long rod 302. So for a stroker you're increasing the crank stroke?
  17. Correct!
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  18. I guess a long rod 302 is possible, but when was the last time you say a long rod 306 on a street car? People rarely bother anymore unless they're track pieces...and even then the benefits vs cost are controversial at best.

    I'm certain this guy isn't running one either. I'm guessing this just a basic .030 302 and he just doesn't know his ass from his elbow.

    In any case, his smart ass replies have ensured that any additional help he get's from here on out, won't be from me, so feel free to take the ball on this one.
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  19. Ya . What he said! I dont build engines.. just wanted to know what to set the regulator to?
  20. Dont know who offers them, I know guys that still build them though. There are benefits to a long rod engine, that a short rod dont have. And vice versa. Just depends on the application. Regardless, you assumed just because it was a 306, that he didnt change the rods. That assumption is wrong, as I stated earlier, rod length has no effect on displacement. Only bore and stroke effect that. It was more of a correction for others reading the thread.
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