Bbk H-pipe Measurements Needed

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  1. Does anyone have a BBK H-pipe they would measure for me? When I bought the new car (92 GT) it came with a set of BBK full length headers and H-pipe that weren't on the car. Was putting the new motor/trans in today an the h-pipe definitely does no work with the BBK full length headers. Was hoping someone might have one on their car and could take a couple of measurements. Mainly what I need is the length of each side. Here are the measurements on the one I have, that wont work:

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  2. I have a Bassani 3" X pipe with cats that I used with 1 5/8" BBK long tubes on my 89 for a long time, and it measures 31.5" and 32" (DS/PS). That should match what you need.
  3. You must match a short X/H pipe to go with the long headers. I have a new X cat. pipe and the old cat free BBK X pipes, but mine are for short headers, not full length ones.