Fox Been Awhile. What Do You Guys Think About This Fox?

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    I went and checked it out today and it is CLEAN, I mean really clean. Only a few typical bolt-ons nothing major.

    Runs awesome and really nothing major wrong with it. My main concern is that the a/c does not work, the guy is straight up and honest and says he doesn't know when the last time he even used the a/c as it has mostly sat in his garage. He has owned it since 96.

    Seeing as I live in AZ a/c is a must I just don't want to get myself too deep into it. I was able to talk the guy down on the price considerably.

    I am sure I just need to search but I wanted to see what you guys thought about it, and possibly give me an idea as to what it would cost to replace the compressor and get it to r123a.

    Thanks fellas 00F0F_j1pKkfnnFe8_600x450.jpg
  2. So I decided to not be a noob and do some searching. Looks like switching over to r134a is easy enough. Just gotta hope the compressor hasnt crapped out.
  3. It looks clean, I do not like the ricer headlights, I could pass on the wheels also. To do the a/c "properly" it will be expensive.. I just replaced my compressor and has it filled with 134a.. Worked all last summer no prob. But I did not do it properly.
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  5. Looks like a nice setup, use a discount code and be cool!
  6. I didn't do the conversion properly on my Bronco but it's still working great. Well I guess I didn't do it "proper"
    I just put a new compressor on since mine was locked up and then filled it with R134A oil and then filled it up. Worked amazing all last summer
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  7. Well ended up picking it up. Drove it around 30 miles home. Needs the ds balanced and some new u joints. Other than that everything was good.
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  8. I like it. Not a huge fan of the headlights, though.
  9. Haha right there with you.
    Probably get some stocks or smoked ones.
  10. Not gonna go crazy with it though.
    Probably do 5lug swap
    130amp alt

    And get it up to snuff on maintenance. This probably first.
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  11. yes you are, you cant help it.:p:p it will start innocently enough, five lug brakes, then its i think the five spoke cobra wheels will look great on the car. then it will be, the stock brakes sure look small in the wheels, so on go the cobra brakes.

    then its i need better handling and traction, so the sub frame connectors, and a torque arm with larger sway bars go on. then its, i cant break the tires loose anymore, so i need more power, and then its on.

    you are not folling anyone you know:SN::burnout:
  12. Haha dude this is literally how every build ive done starts.

    But I want this car to be a secondary daily driver.

    At most I will do HCI with supporting suspension stuff but thats down the road a ways.

    I really wanted a single turbo kit but stupid 93 and stupid hypereutectic pistons.

    Really wanted to use the on 3 kit with the plug and play megasquirt setup from diy. But to be honest its probably better that it has those pistons to prevent me from doing all that lol.

    Im sure my wallet will thank me
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  13. I have an A/C compressor sitting on my shelf collecting dust. Next time I clean my garage it's getting tossed in the trash. I did an A/C delete, who needs A/C when you have a T-top??

    If you want it just PM me, you only need to pay shipping. No guarantee it works though, never used it.
  14. I might take you up on that actually. I am going to see if I can do the quick fix on it today and if not then I will be sending you a pm.
  15. I thought all Fox's came with forged pistons? Or was 93 the first year Ford stopped it in their 302s?
  16. where at in AZ are you? I live in south Phoenix but work in central phoenix. if you need a hand with anything just let me know I've helped about a dozen or so stangnet members over the last few years. oh and a/c is for sissies I haven't had a/c for 5 years and could care less. if its not your primary DD then I really wouldn't worry about it until the mechanical stuff is 100%. message me with your phone # if you need anything.
  17. Congrats!
  18. Late '92 saw the change to hypereutectic pistons in all 302 Mustangs (and I think all 302's from Ford at that point...)
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  19. I appreciate that. Going to start gathering stuff for 5 lug swap and efan and 130amp conversion so might be nicr having someone with forst hand experience help out. Im pretty handy with a wrench but always eager to learn stuff