Best Bolt on HP gains?

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  1. Well I hope you know what they say about opinions, they are like *******s. Although it's real upsetting when a bolt on car with nitrous blows you off the track which I've seen happen. Not to mention you'll have a lot more money to spend on slicks, suspension, etc. There is a reason why they make the stuff, whatever floats your boat.
  2. when i see a car that goes fast that does NOT have a supercharger or turbo i get more excited, i want to look at the car see what it has, i get stoked and its more impressive.

    When i see a car go fast or see a mustang at a car show w/ a blower im like boring, ok so many ppl have blowers and superchargers and it takes no real effort to go fast or get power, its nice to be different and be out of the Mold of every other f'n guy at a car show or track.

    i have lots of plans for my car but w/ getting married in a year some of them are on hold but i will never be going to a blower just for those simple reasons.

    Flame on!:nice:
  3. There is no good reason NOT to go forced induction unless you dont have/ or want to spend the $$$..If you want to be "different" than most guys at car shows with 450 rwhp+, then by all means spend thousands on cams and heads and an intake to get maby 380 rwhp..You will find just as many cars lightly modded(CAI,tune, exaust, etc.) at a car show than those with forced induction..$$ for $$ you cant beat it unless you get a bottle and pick and choose when you want the power, I happen to like my power on tap all the time with a flip of the throttle..
    Not to be an ass, but have you driven a supercharged mustang/ car? If you havent, then grab a buddy who has it, and take it for a rip...You will spend just a little bit more $$ for a full s/c kit than you would after spending $$ on CAI, custom tune, UDP, full exaust, cmcp's, throttle body, etc..just my .02..:nice:
  4. The only problem with supercharging is there's a lot of small print. You still need supporting mods to get the power to the ground. Boost doesn't exactly extend the life of the motor either. There's plenty who's aready stuck a rod through the block with whipples.

    I've seriously contemplated F/I during the last year but the price really adds up.

    $4500 SC
    $1000 - $1500 install
    $450 dyno tune
    $1000 clutch/aluminum flywheel/labor
    Bigger rear wheels and tires.
    Plus a little suspension work

    Based on what I would want to do would easily set me back $8000 plus.

    Plus the risk of really "blowing" the motor. And that's the deal breaker for me. I would be worried everytime I put the hammer down. If the motor went right after I spent that much coin I would be T totally screwed.

    You can still get close to 350 rwhp with bolt on's and cams. Not bad as far as I'm concerned.

    Now if your thinking about going for 400 rwhp and beyond then the N/A route is pretty senseless as steedman pointed out. If you want BIG power then F/I is the only way to go.

    I don't agree that supercherging is the best bang for the buck mod though.
    4.10 gears/aluminum D/S - less than $1100 installed. Good for cutting .5 or more off 1/4. A supercharger isn't going to make your car nearly that much faster per $1100.

    Same could probably be said for a CAI/tune. $500 for 20 whp.
  5. Not that I have to even justify my actions and reasoning but I will just for ****s and giggles. I don't want to be like everyone else, I want to be different. I like my great gas mileage and full bolts on won't change that. The car is a daily driver as well, currently. My plans are to go full bolts on plus nsr cams and nitrous to have fun for now. I'm going to eventually do a 5.4L motor swap with a twin turbo or a supercharger and get another car for a daily driver. I'm not completely sure. Regardless, the nitrous won't be a waste of money. The bolt ons, etc will be able to be sold for money or be kept for a back up motor.

    As far as driving fast cars. I've drove more than my fair share of fast cars including a lot of exotics so I know what's fast. I've even got to ride in a Bugatti Veroyn, a buddy of mine named Nelson Cambata owns one as well as a LOT of exotic cars and airplanes. The guy owns part of India and an airport here in Florida so he's got some deep pockets and likes his toys. Not that this even matters.

    I don't see how you think that you will spend only a little more on a s/c than a full bolt on car. A supercharger isn't something that should just be thrown on a car. A lot of pieces are needed for supporting mods which also cost more money. No one is right or wrong about this. Like I said before, there is something out there for everyone. At least we all like the same thing, badass Mustangs. :nice:
  6. I agree with you guys for the most part..Here is my reasoning for my above post:

    If you add up the cost for full bolt-ons plus labor and a custom tune its prolly about $3,000 or more...Which got me 298 rwhp on a mustang dyno..If I had to do it all over again I would have went straight to a s/c..I spent $3,400 for my Vortech full kit plus gauges and labor and ended up with 427 rwhp..My reasoning is for about $2,000 more I have 130 or so more rwhp..And my car is daily driven also with a good safe pro tune..But, yowe all have ur right, to each his own, and we all have fun modding our cars like we want to..peace out :D
  7. I say gears, gears and more gears. They come without much gear from the factory, however the 4.6 3 valve loves gear, so throw some at it. Gear will turn the car into a rocket launcher without anything else, then once you do your intake and tune and so on you get a pretty impressive package.
  8. Not to piss anyone off this is just my opinion...

    When it come to bottels vs. blowers, i feel that you are taking the easy way out with a bottle. Yes yout car will be fast when you hit the button ect. but 99% of the time is isn't really that fast maybe when your at the track or something when you can use it.

    with a blower you are always fast just pressing the throttle. You can "have it on tap" for when ever you want it. Now $$ for $$ there is no comparrison.

    It also seems like the easier way out, people hook up the bottle cheap and easily on all sorts of cars. But with the blower you are putting in some time and energy and engineering to make it work...Definably not the easy way.

    We could all go to wal mart and but some "HID's" but most of us are going to go online research them and buy the best ones.

    Shot guns are powerful in one shot, but you have to reload, a Fullautomatic mahcine gun has constant destructive force.
  9. But maybe not everyone can afford the S/C over the nitrous, or like others have said, they may not want to give up the MPG for daily applications either.
  10. i can't afford either
  11. someone lend me some money plz.
  12. Actually, a machine gun runs out of ammo rather quickly, too!

    **runs and hides**
  13. I remember what Gale Banks said about using nitrous in an interview on Horsepower TV. For those that don't know who he is if you have seen any turbo system on the market made in the last 40+ years his knowledge and expertise has been a part of it. His land speed records are too numerous to count. He said basically nitrous guys need to get a better job. Save up some money and step up in the world and build a FAST and RELIABLE vehicle. Turbos don't run out of boost and leave your vunerable after 4-5 quarter mile passes. Now remember I didn't say it he did. The only experience I have with turbos was my '86 and '87 Grand Nationals I used to own. The easiest motor to tune, rock hard reliability and gets max HP for less $$$ ever built. It didn't matter of the other guy on the bottle had a full bottle or empty bottle he was always admiring the view of the Buicks taillights. I don't have either mod for my Mustang yet but when it's time I will definitely be going the blown route and not the bottle route. Now back to the original post if you are on a budget and want the best bang for the buck go with a tuner and CAI, pullies, gears of your choice, deletes, mufflers for sound only. After that maybe a driveshaft. Then consider more pricey options like cams, intakes, blower, ect.
  14. Not that Gale Banks saying that about nitrous kits would not be biased one bit? Considering he doesn't sell any nitrous kits. Nitrous is not this horrible unreliable power adder that everyone makes it out to be. I've seen NUMEROUS cars with hundreds of passes with 100+ shots of nitrous. It's funny that Gale Banks said that though. As many of us know that adding nitrous on a turbo application, like diesels, create instant boost which eliminates any turbo lag. Gale also runs this particular set-up on all of his KORE offroad trucks, kind of funny. We can go back and forth about this all day and I'm not really one for pissing matches especially on the internet. We all have our reasons for doing what we do but no one is right or wrong. However if you can't see that than you're just close minded and naive. :shrug:
  15. The real problem with nitrous is most people who choose it don't fully understand how it works and they skimp on the fuel system upgrades and the proper tunes for nitrous. They almost always go with bigger and bigger shots without properly upgrading the fuel system to go with it. Everything needs to be correct. The proper plugs, enough voltage, fuel pump volume, fuel pressure, proper fuel regulator, bottle blanket at proper temp, correct jetting, nitrous nanny, 93 octane or higher fuel, the age and condition of the motor, safety switches, good sensor reading , ect. If someone kept all of this in mind nitrous would be reliable but most do not. All they want is that 250 shot without spending any extra $$$. A proper system will actually cost over a grand not counting the bottle fillups over time but thats still cheaper than repairing a grenaded engine if you skimp on the necessities. Blowers can destory engines just a fast for the same reasons if the basics aren't taken care of first but you see alot less blower problems because the blower complete kits have everything you need to run them with relative safety and reliability. Face it most uninformed nitrous buyers want the cheap HP and most cheaper kits don't have everything necessary to make it no-brainer safe for the average uninformed person. That logic is kinda like the "guy" we all know who makes fun of auto owners while he himself can't drive a manual at the strip if his life depended on it but to hear him talk he is the best driver ever. People who go the blown route are already willing to spend the extra $$ for power and reliabilty not just power itself. Maybe thats partly why nitrous has the stigma of a poor boys horsepower maker. I don't agree with the notion because both are expensive if installed properly. Nitrous is just not my thang. A few friends have ran it with mixed results. I just can't see being at the track and wondering if my bottle is going to last the night or not, is my bottle pressure where it should be, did I even turn the valve on, I sure hope I don't split my intake with a nitrous backfire, ect but I am not familiar with it and don't really care to be. With a turbo my only concern is will a hose clamp come loose and with a supercharger will the drivebelt come off the pulley. Besides that the rest is up to my driving. Honestly the low stress route would be staying NA and not even bother with either.
  16. I'm glad you can see where I'm coming from. I don't ever condone not doing the properly supported mods to run nitrous. I'm going to be going will a set-up that is going to cost more than a grand just to run a 75 shot of nitrous. I'm all about doing things the right way.
  17. I wonder why people don't do a little homework before choosing a mod? Wouldn't it be better knowing the pros and cons before you scrap a motor, trans, or rear end? I have too much cash tied up in my car to just throw something on it or in it and not know what bad things can happen. It reminds me of a "guy" who supposedly also owned a '87 GN. He would be at the track about everytime I would go walking around and giving GN owner advice on running faster. You know the crank the boost up to the max advice, ect. A buddy of mine was thinking about doing some of the stuff he said to do and I told him before you do ask the "guy" what he has been running tonight since I hadn't seen his car yet. You guessed it his car was in the shop for overboost related failures. The next time at the track about a month or so later Mr. Boost was making the advice rounds again in the pits but his car was in the shop again for repairs. To this day I don't really know if he even had a car much less a turbo powered anything for that matter but I am sure when it was running it was the baddest of the bad.
  18. I got my FRPP 3.73's installed today and I wish I would have done it sooner. Besides a CAI/tune gears are the next best bang for the buck. No more need to turn my OD off in traffic anymore.
  19. Sweet good to hear. I really want to do 3.73s instead of 4.10s but since I have 3.55s it might be pointless ...