Best Bolt on HP gains?

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  1. my 97 cobra had the 3.73 and they were night and day difference from my 08' with the stock 3.31, I kinda miss the old girl, but not the gas milage.
  2. I almost wish I would of got a car with 3.31s, I wouldn't feel so stupid to go with 3.73s from 3.31s. :lol:
  3. i think 3.73 are the best mid of the road, But now i am 70 miles a day on the highway so i am gonna stick with the 3.31 for now i think.
  4. Running nitrous on the street is a pain in many ways.
    You have to pay 45.00 to fill a 10 pound bottle. You only get 5-6 runs on a bottle. Then the last two runs basically suck compared to the first two.
    Nitrous backfires are a nightmare too. Melting spark plugs with the N2O can happen also if you are even slightly lean.
    You have to either have the bottle open all the time or have an electric bottle opener, because otherwise it is no use on the street.
    somebody here is also confused about forced induction and gas milage. There is no boost unless you go wide open throttle so milage isnt affected in daily driving. I get 26 MPG with a KB at 11 PSI.
  5. Nitrous setups have to be done correctly as well. The feul system needs to be done correctly otherwise Boom !

    Thats why I see so many honda's in the shop....
  6. Just put it on the credit card :lol:
  7. Completely depends on how much you're trying to shoot.
  8. You see Honda's in the shop because well their..... Hondas. :rlaugh:
  9. Haha that too !

    But Nas, Boost, it needs to be researched and setup correctly for the car. I myself, I would rather have a supercharger or turbo than Nas. The bottle runs out, but the boost stays.

    But again, as they say, "you can only go as fast as your pockets are deep."
  10. i am just going to buy a jet engine, that builds boost!