Best Overall Spark Plug ?

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  1. What plug would you guys recommend for this setup:

    GT40 crate, aluminum 'x' heads, Holley upper & lower,
    S-trim at 12# boost...has denso iridiums in it now. Motorsport dist, msd 6al
  2. I like the Iridium plugs for blown apps. It's all the short bus specialty BS that that these guys are trying to warn folks against.
  3. i dont trust iridium plugs at all... seen to many blow the electrode off and it has to go somewhere.

    i run coppers in everything i put plugs in. and NGK's at that.

    at 12lbs id be looking at least 1 heat range colder might need to go 2.
  4. If you're blowing the electrode off it's because you're tuning to the ragged edge. The spark plug itself is not the cause. Detonation is the cause. The electrode on an iridium is harder and will handle more combustion heat than a copper or copper alloy will.
  5. Trick flow very specifically states a spark plug to use in their product literature. No reason to over think this.

  6. ohhh i know why but when your throwing a tune on the ragged edge it happens
  7. Thanks for the feedback, guys. My car is tuned on the rich side..nowhere near the ragged edge. I've got no complaints with the denso's, so I guess I'll stick with em