Expired Black interior parts

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by billison, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. Listing a few black interior parts

    Each is original black from a professionally restored car about 10 years ago so the parts are in good shape with no rips or tears . They all could use a good wipe down with some armor all though.

    Black pillars , black sun visors, black arm rests, complete black center console with arm rest list. All in great shape.

    150$ for the lot.


    Pics to come soon.
  3. do you have pay pal i texted you i need for sure the arm rests can you text me a pic
  4. Yes , PayPal.
  5. Still available!! Please read the ad.. These are for a 4 eyed fox!!
  6. Still available! Ill post sold once thru are.
  7. Pics available apon request. I will mark as sold once they are.

    These will NOT fix 87 up cars.
  8. ...or it didn't happen.
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  9. How much for the visors shipped? To 53190? Thanks
  10. The consol is gone. Still have the rest plus an ashtray.

    For the visors, 45 shipped?
  11. Please post pics of the items you have for sale per forum guidelines.

  12. I keep forgetting , sorry. I get them tonight.
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