blackvert's n/a buildup thread

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by BlackVert, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I live in the same type of neighborhood Chris. Jerks might end up reporting me to home owners assoc, lol.
  2. I live in the country so my neigbors don't say anything (neither of them)...

    I am sure the people near where I work are not a fan though... I come in for 7, sometimes earlier...
  3. Im a union iron worker so everybody loves it at work :)
  4. I want to clean up my favorites but I cant delete this one until BV tells us his driving impressions. Still waiting!!!! :)
  5. I looked it up. Twice the cost for the rotating assembly alone.
  6. LOL, I think you better hold on to it for a little while longer. The motor sounds awesome and I am sure it is extremely strong.

    But I have 3 driveability issues:

    (1) Starting from a dead stop is extremely slow. it seems like the transmission is just barely engaging until somehere near 10 MPH, and then the rpms jump and is shifts into 2nd, at which point it is much more normal.

    (2) The speedometer is way off. I can be going about 60 on the highway and my speedo thinks I am going 85.

    (3) It seems to not shift into 4th gear. Again, on the highway going about 60, the RPMs are at 3000, which seems way off for 4th gear with 3.73s. It should be closer to 2000 RPM, not 3000 RPM.
  7. It's going to get even louder once those mufflers age but who cares. Those damn Harley Davidson are lound as hell but folks - most folks - only seem to have an issue with the cars. I may have to come see the car since I'm only around the beltway from you. I will check back with you on that.

  8. Ack. I hope everything is ok with that trans. I didn't know if I mentioned but I bought a hardened gforce trans with a .64 5th gear. I think at 65 I am at like 1800 RPM lol. I am wondering what your od gear is on that auto?
  9. WOW! Thanks
  10. i hope so too. there are lots of auto tranny settings in the TwEECer, and very little coverage of them, so it might take a while to figure out how it works and what changes what.

    4th gear, the OD gear, is .70. 3rd is 1.00

    with 3.27s and that OD gear, 70mph should about 2100 rpm. with 2.73s, 70 would be about 1750 rpm
  11. Chris, are you doing all of the tuning yourself with the tweecer? It sounds like teh trans issues are propbably trans settings (like you stated) as for the speedo this is probably doen through the tweecer right? I am thinking that it will either be tweecer or speedcal for you.

    Either way with how far you have come to have these problems are pretty small overall...
  12. i think i will probably go with a baummanator tcs. i can't find anyone local who is willing to look into this for me.

    the other news ... i finally got the 42# injectors in, now i need to mess with the mass air meter pigtail so i can get the LMAF hooked up.
  13. just buy the adapter from muscle motors Chris, thats what I did..
  14. i think i'll go to radio shack and make one myself for $5
  15. Good luck..I tried that once. Hopefully it works 4 u
  16. i redid all the wires to my radio/cd player 2 years ago because the guy who installed it made a huge mess. i'm pretty good with that kind of stuff, soldering and all, so it should be fine.

  17. Good. Maybe one day you and I can have a beer and you can show me how to get rid of the cluster $%^& under my dash. Some idiot had a stereo system and alarm in there b4 and made a incredible mess too! Why would anyone do work like that! :shrug:
  18. Go to the dealership, they have some adapter pigtail to make it work for like $20.00