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  1. I'm completely new to 2wds and I bought a 1997 mustang vert gt it's got low miles but say for 9 years with minimal driving so now I'm catching up with maintenance.

    I need to replace the a arm bushings, the power steering pump and ball joints so I figured I may as well lower it while it's out.

    My questions are 1 what is the quality of these springs I see they are pretty inexpensive. Should I spend more for better springs? This is a daily driver and cruiser for me so I don't need race spec stuff.

    And 2 if I lower it do I need anything other than the springs or can I use all other stock parts
  2. When lowering a pony you usually want LCA brackets & adj. panhard bar to re-center the rear end. BMR is a great company.
  3. BMR makes nice stuff. A ton of people running them.

    I would look into a set of upper and lower control arms to swap out while you have everything torn apart.
  4. I'm more worried about the front right now I have like 4 inches of wheel gap the rear isn't as bad so I was only going to do the front for now since I'm pretty low on cash. When I do the rear is that all stuff the has to be done for it ride right? Like I said it's a daily for me not a race car. If I drop it 1.5 to 2 inches in the front do I need anything other than the springs? Or do I need struts cc plates or anything
  5. If you go with anything past 1.5" drop, I would look into CC plates for sure. I ran FRPP springs on my 02. It was only 1-1.5" and I ran CC plates.
  6. @Roanstang - Mustangs prior to 2005 did not come with panhard rods. There is an aftermarket one available which is adjustable. I really wish they came with them. These cars would handle soooo much better.

    We can drop these cars (up thru 2004) with only cc plates and proper struts/shocks. You can probably skate by on the stock cc plates and shocks struts if the drop is less than 1.5". However, to do it right and save some tire wear, I would do the cc plates at a minimum.
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  7. Thanks for the correction, I'll try to remember that.