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  1. i just bought an '06 Black Mustang V6 and i wanted to do some visual upgrades and i wanted to get some ideas on body kits. im not a very car savy guy but i've wanted a mustang since i was 6 because i loved my dads. now that i have one i wanna make it "Mine."
  2. free advice

    educate yourself about available parts on eBay

    search tag = 2005 Mustang =
  3. Know its more than you asked for, but here is a write up I did on another site relating to appearance mods. Be careful with body kits, they can weigh the car down, especially the fiberglass ones.

  4. Thank you for the list of all those links dude
  5. rygenstormlocke said it right, body kits usually end up looking like a 1.6 liter civic with a HUGE wing and all kinds of ill fitting parts grafted on.

    My advice; find a look you like, and research that until you know what it will take to achieve that look. Some people like to put GT front and rear fascia's on. I'm not a fan of that but maybe you will be. Some tastefully added exterior parts can really bring out a great look. But not all of them do.

    Go to Cervinis, go to American Muscle, go to CDC and the others that rygenstormelocke linked to and see what it is you really like. Then start shopping around for parts. Ask alot of questions here about where to get the parts, what it takes to install them, how well do they hold up, any problems with them, etc. That way you'll be informed and have a clear idea of where you want to go w/your car.

    I love the Saleen style, but that's just me. You make your car what you love, good luck !
  6. I just want to get rid of those stupid black plastic side skirts and get some different ones, maybe a ram air hood and the Silver Horse Racing Flush Mount Window Louvers, other than that, I like the way my car looks.