Bought a New Challenger - Sorry Ford, Rant Included

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  1. I tend to see it as $$ going into the pockets of the americans doing the work.

    It's not as black and white of a comparison as it used to be. If the Hyaundai plant were closed down, several of my neighbors would be looking for work.
  2. That is one beautiful car you have :nice: I'm a Mustang guy and all, but IMO that car looks AWESOME!!!

    Best of luck!!
  3. Thanks :). It's still early (600 miles), but so I far I love it, and there aren't any regrets. Telling a few select family members about my purchase also went better than expected. Ride is very smooth, seats are great, and there's some sort of leather/vinyl material on most interior surfaces you're likely to contact - which is nice.

    The 1-4 skip shift, which I hated, will be gone on Monday :D CAI and cat-back will be in shortly.
  4. Completely agree with what you said about my attempts having to do with dealerships rather than Ford. They were definitely dealership/salespeople issues and IMO had nothing to do with FMC. Sorry, didn't mean to indicate otherwise. Same with dealer markup on the GT500's - I always thought that Ford MSRP was fair.
  5. as long as they're willing to spend $50-$60K on a Pick-up truck, they're all set. I somehow knew that jumping up to a Super-Duty, or a Raptor would be your response. Get real. :rolleyes:
  6. Dealership by me is selling them at $300 UNDER invoice. They took my Z plan pin and found the GT I wanted a few hours away, had it transferred over. Ended up getting it for just under $28k. Just gotta find a good dealership.
  7. doesn't that just mean that ford money stays in america more because its an american company built by americans?
  8. The big Ceos in germany and asia might get the profits but it still gives jobs to 1000s of americans in a time where GM and Chrysler had to sack 1000s. They might not be american but they seem to be helping america more than some "american" companies lol.
  9. Theres new engines in the 2011.
  10. enjoy the challenger, buying my first mustang 2011 gt prem convt, it has been ordered, going on over 3 months, wonder if the 2012 challenger will be offered in a convt.
  11. I stated above, the new engine is in the Superduty and the Raptor in 2011. They won't be seen in the F150 for a few years yet.
    Ford had better hope not. That's the one other major advantage that Ford has over GM and Dodge right now. I think we'll all see sales drop off some when the other two release a convertible top option. I was speaking to one of the regional GM Fleet Sales managers last night as matter of fact and was told he's got a list of pre-order inquires for the new Camaro Convertible as long as his leg when they're finally released.
  12. awesome, the camaro will finally officially clear the 2 ton mark and the challenger will hit the 4300's lol
  13. Well, getting back on the OP's topic, beautiful ride dude! I love me some Stangs, but I will be the first to admit that the Challengers are definitelty the best looking out of the big three. Now, get to modding that thing!
  14. Yup....and the fat cat, nostalgic old guys with all of the money to spend will be scooping up these retro machines like candy, keeping this new resurgence of the muscle era alive and kicking, instead of ****ing about their weight, or a misaligned trunk lid like the punk teenagers and early 20-somethings who can only read about them in magazines, or on car forums because they’re still scraping their pennies together trying to afford the last generations model....or the generations before that. ;)
  15. Bought My 11'' 5.0 locally thru the net with Internet special pd $29369 sticker was $33799
    very pleased ... 6sp and 3.73s cant ask for much more. They had 3 more on the lot they werent on the web though.
  16. Best of luck with your Challenger. I really thought hard about getting one myself.
  17. it's one car in your life, drive the Challenger, maybe you'll love it, maybe not. Darned good looking car I think. You can still be a Ford guy and have a Mopar. Funny, most Ford guys also like Mopars, but never, ever, ever are they also chevy guys, weird. I love the new Challenger, as long as you know what it is and accept it for the bigger, cushier car it is you'll not have any disappointments. Go forth into the muscle car world and enjoy !!