Brake Upgrades

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  1. Just use the factory caliper from 87+ cars and spindles. If your interested I have spindles dust shields calipers master cylinder booster and the flex lines to the caliper.
  2. How much cuz the only mustang we got are 4 cyl. 87 and up mustangs in the junk yard
  3. And would mark vii spindles work cuz we got a couple of thou in the junk yard to
  4. Yes but they limit your wheel options because the snout sticks out so far.
  5. Exactly what I was going to suggest with the 87 and up brake setup.
  6. Flush all of your brake fluid too... I chased my tail with that for a while. Had 94 discs in the rear and SVO fronts. The pedal was stiff and stopping from 120mph at the track was sketchy. I did pads and resurfaced the rotors and it was a minimal gain. My brake fluid had moisture in it and that was causing the problems.

    That is all well and good, but he said that he doesnt want 5 lug, and the 94+ spindles are actually worse for drag racing the way it throws the geometry off. Thats why you see so many guys with factory spindles and strange/wilwood brakes at the dragstrip. I found this out after i did my spindle swap.
  7. I'm just trying not to overhype the 87+ system. Would hate to see him go through the expense of buying the parts, then installing them all and then finding out the brake system just isn't all that great.

    SS lines front and rear, a rear disk conversion, hawk pads, SS sleeves, fresh brake fluid, etc...will make as difference, but will also cost a little $$$
  8. Yea i hear ya, I wouldnt stay 4 lug either but it sounds like he has a fair amount of money in wheels/tires and even if he stays four lug, he has good brake options down the road with the drag race companies.
  9. MM sells a decent 4 lug brake upgrade with ss lines, caliper sleeves, and hawk brakes and pads for around $250. I've put that kit on a few mustangs and just bought it for the one I have.
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  10. then i think ill do the kit mm has and find some 87-up fox spindles and factory calipers thanks. im going to flush the fluid too. im probably going to wait on rear disc in till i see how the brakes feel after upgrading the front
  11. is it worth doin the svo caliper or is that a waste of money
  12. From what ive read, it is highly recommended to use the svo calipers in conjunction with rear discs.
  13. There isn't a proper MC to make it work with the rear drums. Your pedal will be softer.

    With rear turbo coupe disks, it can be made to work with the 94-95 GT MC.
  14. Do the MM kit and go from there. You will see IMO a noticeable improvement in stopping distance. Check with [email protected] to see if they sell that part, as Stangnet members get a discount.
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  15. I did this kit on my 88 'vert and was happy with the results.
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