Bullitt value in 10 years???

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by hurley711, Nov 13, 2004.

  1. Ok not much of a Ford guy here but my buddy is. He bought an '01 Bullitt, blue one, and he is sitting it is his garage with under a 1000 miles on it and he SWEARS to me that in 10-15 years he will get :rlaugh: $40-$45k for it :bs: . I can't see this car being worth anything more then the $30- $32k he spent for it if he gets lucky and finds a small time collector. Who is right here guys? Will this car ever be worth $40-$45 k?
  2. I'll chime in. Buying a late model Mustang for "future value" is ludacris. There are maybe two/three Late models that are going to go up in value. The uber rare 2000 Cobra "R" is one and the other two are Cobras as well. They would be the Mystics. Although, they won't go up much.
    Even owning a somewhat rare model myself, but I have no dillusions that it will be something to bank on.
    Tell your friend to drive the darn thing.
  3. Thanks....any other opinions...I think this guy is nuts and I'm trying to help him before he loses even more $$$
  4. As a Bullitt owner, let me just say: BS!

    Sorry, but that is not how car values work, buddy. I doubt even a super-low mileage Bullitt in pristine condition will ever go for over sticker.

    Your friend is a dreamer.
  5. Its value will be a bit higher than a GT from the same timeframe (00-02) but it will have steady depreciation for quite a few years until it even levels off. Mostly any Mustang will likewise have similiar depreciation. Your friend needs to get that great-looking Bullitt out and drive it and show it off. He can keep the miles low and the value will be certainly higher but he's dreaming if he thinks it will be worth that much.
    That sounds like those poor fellows who bought ZR-1 Corvettes and paid huge premiums and lost their butts. A few 02 Thunderbirds were bought under this premise as well.
    Now that isn't to say that it won't be of increased value somewhere down the road. However, it probably won't be for 20-25 years before he'll even get back what he paid for it...and that's not guaranteed.
  6. Interesting. I bought mine to drive- not sit in a garage. The main reason I got it was because they are different than the thousands of other mustangs already out there. :)
  7. Use this as a somewhat comparison. They had two Mach 1's that sold at Barrett-Jackson way earlier this year. One I remember had 500 miles on it, and not sure of the others mileage. One was a 5 speed, the other an Automatic. One sold for $23K, and the other sold for $20K I believe. Once you took out the selling fee it came to like $17K for one, and $20K for the other. So that's what some rich people thought a Mach 1 was worth right now.