Can ANYONE please help me..

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 9646gt, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. Yipes, that's more than I would have thought. Did you ask them if they have any that aren't gold plated? :D
  2. Actually I started to ask if the guy could crap me a golden nugget for that price! lol AZ has some with lifetime wrranty but they are still 60 bucks..I hate to sound cheap but I'm not lol I am jsut broke from all this :) but I guess thats what I will end up going with..I just want the old girl to run good again :)
  3. Ok..update time..

    I jsut sold my modified xbox with a 40 gig hard drive and mod chip and all that good stuff for 150 bux to a friend of after I meet up with him tonight and get my money I guess I will be buying me a set of plug wires and hopefully this fixes it..god I jsut hope it isnt the coil packs ways jsut thought I would let you guys know and I hope others with the same problem will learn alot from this thread..I think we need a sticky of trouble shooting a stumble / miss fire ;o) :banana:
  4. well i'm kind of late about it but check the wires to see if there's any holes or cracks. you can do this when it's dark all you have to do is open the hood with the engine running and see if there's any sparks.
  5. Dude, I think I have a never used set of FRPP wires that I would be willing to send you for the price of shipping. Someone gave them to me without realizing I had a 2001 which uses COP. I will check when I get home and see if I still have them but, I am fairly certain I do.
  6. you could tell it was secondary ignition problems.. all the symptoms pointed too it..

    1. the first plug change cleared it up for a few days.. ( this is because the weak spark was albe too jump the gap of the brand new plugs with no build up on them yet.. (this was a dead giveaway of the problem.. my only concern is weather it's the wires or coils)

    2. it idles ok.. if it was a vac leak the idle would be crap.. vac leaks have very little impact on WOT performance.. (unless it is a HUGE leak.. and if it was that big of a leak the car would have a rolling idle)

    3. the fact that it's only at high load conditions is also a dead give away and made this into a easy problem.. ( i just cant point out if it's the wires or coil without testing it myself or some sort of pinpoint tests done)

    bad wires a lot of times will be fine at idle or under normal driving.. but the engine will miss under heavy load.. this is because the weak spark that is getting too the plugs is enough to ignite the less dense mixture at light load... but when the injectors open up more the weak spark is having a hard time igniting the added mixture..

    the reason it went away after you swaped plugs.. is because the brand new plugs required a lot less engery too create a good spark.. but after driving a bit now they have gotten just enough buildup on them too increase there resistence, then it started misfiring again..

    if this was my car. i would put new wires in and a coil if needed.. and swap back a set of motorcraft plugs back in it..
  7. Update......

    FIXED!!! Went with some crappy ultra spark or something wires (for now with life time warranty) also bought new PCV valve ..of course with my luck i got the number it called for and it was WRONG has two outlets instead of one..also got me some mobil1 10w30 (help prevent leaks ..i seem to have better luck with a little thicker oil) and even ordered me a set of black outs (going with smoked head lights soon I hope..will help clean up the black stangs front end) much oil does the 4.6l hold? I heard there was a TSB where they changed the reccomended amount or something and I usually use purolator filters but got motocraft instead ..are those pretty good seeing as how they are oem? any ways thank you guys so much and to the guy with the extra wires drop me an email or pm ( [email protected] ) and I will glady pay shipping on the wires if they are still pretty new and I will have a back up/better set to put on..Thanks again so much guys you are great! :banana: :spot: :nice: :cheers:
  8. My '03 holds 6 quarts. As far as I know, it should be the same for yours too.
  9. Haynes claims 5 quarts for SOHC but I dont want to risk not having enough oil nor do I want to overfill it...
  10. The replacement PCV has two outlets but comes with a little rubber cap to block off the unused one...

    Five quarts of oil.
  11. mine was missing that..any rubber cap should work right? May jsut take it back and swap it...
  12. none

    Maybe something is floating around in your gas tank. Someone could have put a object in the gas container and it could be clogging the fuel line up.
  13. The fuel pick-up in the tank has a bag-shaped screen on it so an object wouldn't be able to plug it like it could if the pick-up just had a hole in the end of a pipe.
  14. it took forever finding my misfire. but a friend pointed it out to me when he saw the spark comming from one off the boots due to a crack.