car is running like crap!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by oosmytoo, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. i have a completely stock 94 gt aode, and it has a couple of problems? first off, its vibrates slightly, but very bad right at or around 1000rpms. doesnt matter if its in park or drive. could this be my balancer? that seems to be a common problem with the 94-95s? if so? what are some signs that the vibration could be coming from my balancer, and if i were to look at it? will i be able to tell if it has gone bad or not? second, when i im out driving and i floor it. there is an excessive amount of white smoke? and right around 4500rpms it cuts out, almost as if it has some kind of rev limiter, doesnt seem normal? ive recently put new plugs, wires, rotor and cap, didnt help with any of my problems? do you think clogged injectors or a bad fuel filter could cause this?
  2. the balancer is probably the cause of the vibration...i wouldnt be pushing her to much if the balancer is bad...your asking for trouble just driving with a bad balancer....about the cutting out...does it actually turn off?? guessing it just stops pulling??..seems to fall on its face??...check your timing...and replace the fuel filter...that should clear that up

  3. will do! thanks for your help man, i dont know too much about this stuff, but is there a way that my timing could be off, if it has never been messed with? if so how does this happen? thanks again!
  4. if its never been messed with im not sure...but thats EXACTLY what my car was doing when my timign was off....between 4500-5000 it would just fall on its face...setting the timing right cured that

  5. well ill check it out tomarrow. hopefully i can finally fix these problems. thanks again for your help! its been highly appreciated!
  6. anytime.....