Chaning the airfilter on my 2004 GT

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  1. Hi guys,

    Im new here and dont want to sound like a dummy, i just recently purchased my 2004 Mustang GT, i went from a 1997 Camaro Z28 and i wanted to change the airfilter and put in a K&N, how hard is this to do, i was looking under the hood but not sure whats all involved. Is it alot of work? ALso, is the silencer accessable? Thanks

  2. There is a round metal clamp around the air box. Undo the clamp and seperate the air box and theintake tube. The filter is in there. It is kind of a pain but you will get it. The air silencer is on the airbox and extends out into the fender It is a black snorkel looking thing. You can just remove the airbox ( belive its held in with two bolts) then just pull the silencer off and reinstall the airbox.
  3. first of all welcome, you have seen your way through the darkside and found the light. The airfilter isnt hard to change out at all, dont be afraid to muscle around the rubber intake tubes though they wont break or anything. The silencer is accessable and is running of the left side of the filter housing. if i were you i would go ahead and remove it but that is just my opnion. Removing it will give your stock exhaust a cool sound at WOT
  4. Thanks guys!! would anyone happen to know if a K&N filter for a 2003 Mustang Gt would work with a 2004? Or are the filters for the 2004 Gts available? Thanks

  5. I am 99 % sure the 2004s are the same as the 2003s. After all, theyre planning to make a dramatic change halfway through the model year.
  6. Yeah, there is nothing hard about any of the things you asked about, just getting out there and doing it :thumbup:

  7. Yes it will. You just pop the silencer out, and the air filter just slides into the air filter box.
  8. Removing the silencer and adding a K&N was really easy on my car. I have a few pics of me doing it on my webpage that may help you see how to do it, though I did it a little different because I also removed the MAF screen.
  9. anyone has the K&N air filter reference # ?
  10. Pretty sure it's E0945...
  11. very clear pics on that website :p

    just messin...... can removing the MAF screen cause any problems, i did it to my first stang when i was younger and stupid(well, dunno that much has changed) but i never really thought about the downsides there might be
  12. Depending whats in front of the MAF will make taking the screen out matter or not. If you have a cai that has a bend in front of the MAF then you should not take it out, If the air is traveling in a straight path before the MAF you can benifit from taking it out.

    The only time you can hurt something is if the screen was taken out and there was something in the filter or tube that gets sucked into the engine.

  13. Hi guys,

    Just wanted to let you know i got the Air filter in and im good to go. Thanks for the help everyone!

  14. I know some of those pics aren't the best. The lighting can make it tricky to get a clear picture in the garage.
  15. Feel like you gained a 100 HP or so? :D
  16. So which one is quicker? The 97 Z or the new Stang?
  17. Man, I can't believe I still haven't gotten a K&N filter for my car yet
  18. Just another hint, I always disconnect the maf wiring harness before I go pulling on the rubber intake tract.