Check out my widened wheels!

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  1. Sent my 96 Cobra wheels to Weldcraft to have 2 inches in width added. Then I put a little 315/35 Nitto drag radial under there. Let me know what you all think.

  2. where can i get info on this i have been wanting to do this to my stock 17's for a while (more of a sleeper look) and i would love to have 10" out much did this cost?
  3. It was $350 for both rear wheels. Check out It took about 3 weeks. Car looks stock from the side, but from the rear it's a different story.
  4. wow, I wonder how strong this really is, was it hard to balance a tire on there? interesting........

    edit: oh yeah, THEY LOOK SICK from the rear !! :D
  5. Sweet! 17x10 99 cobra wheels would look great. :D
  6. I've been thinking about doing this since this was originally posted, and have been wondering some things.

    This adds 2 inches to the backspacing, correct? That would make the outer edge of the rim to be in the same place (width wise) but the inner edge would be inboard 2 inches. I'm assuming that you are running wheel spacers, what brand and size? How about quad shocks and tailpipe clearance? Have you had any regrets for doing this? Does Weldcraft balance the wheel, and/or does it effect overall wheel balance (with tire)? Do you wish that you'd gone with a different width (such as 10.5) for a different fit with the 315 DR?

    Thanks for the advice,
  7. well you can flip the quad shocks and Maximum motorsport sells a realy good set of wheel spacers. And i personly think anything wider then 285 in the rear is too much
  8. Im considering keeping my 275's but getting the 17x10.5 cobra r chromes in the back..

    Does anyone know if there is clearance issues with this, as long as I keep the tire the same?

  9. there shouldn't be unless you still have quad shocks
  10. Holy Crap the post of the century. I've been wanting to do this to my stock 95' Cobra wheels for a long time now...glad to see the writeup. How's the clearance with the tail pipe? I believe my Bassanis are 3.5" and am not sure if they'd be in the way. I'd love to run a 315. Does it look funny with such a low pro on the back compared to the front?
  11. the profile would be the same height wise unless you had 18's in the back and somthing smaller like 17's up front
  12. I am running a 1" spacer from Maximum Motorsports. I did not have to flip the quad shock. I did have to adjust the right side tail pipe for clearance. No rubbing at all. As far as the balance goes, Weldcraft widens the wheels on a wheel lathe. There was and is no problem with the balancing. I hope that answers all your questions. I am happy with the results :D
  13. Nice, that kicks a s s :nice: Are you able to launch it much harder with those now?
  14. I did the same thing you are doing as far as keeping the 275's that I had bought before. I didnt have any issues with the fitment or so I thought. When I finally got them off for the 315's to go on, there was some rubbing on the inside. But that was for like 15,xxx miles. Flip the quads and you should be good to go.

    Coltzilla: That looks awsome, I wish I had done that with my stock wheels instead of buying the R's. Might still have to do that, and use them as track wheels. :D :D
  15. Hey Zero! Launching is a whole new ballgame. I didn't know the car pulled that hard!
  16. man thats really cool, i would love to do that with my 16 inch stock rims for the ultimate sleeper look. if i could do that to the wheels and keep the stock hood when all my mods are said and done, then i think it would be an ultimate sleeper except for the exhaust, but everyone has exhasut so it doesnt meant hat much.
  17. Those wheels look sweet. I wanna do this to my bullit rims because they are silver and no company makes widened silver bulets.

    Subscribing also. How do they look from a 1/4 view from the front/side and back/side also. Any pics from this angle.

    BTW, they did some great welds on that too.
  18. I'll try to get some other pic's up, but it may be several days.
  19. Looks killer !!!

  20. So when you had the 275's, they were ok?

    Mine are new, so wont change for awhile..May go with 285's next time and some 1" spacers.