chipped tooth on my distributor drive gear

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  1. Hi ive got a chipped tooth in the drive gear on my distributor. Its at the top part of the gear near the bottom of the distributor housing. Can i reuse this gear i cant seem to find a replacement, This car is an OE car and would like to kep it that way at all cost if possible. It is a 1984 Mustang 2.3 t-top turbo car. Thanks for any info on this matter Tazz from Missouri
  2. really depends upon how big a chunck is missing and if it intereferes with the meshing of the gear. The good thing for you is that the 2.3 isn't an interference motor so pistons contacting the valves are not gonna happen if there is a failure.

    It'll probably be fine - but you might be able to get a gear off another distrib and install it on yours. they are usually held on with a shear / roll pin and can be removed with a small punch and hammer.

    Just be mindful of the distrib location - I'd set the motor to TDC before i swapped out a dizzy gear.
  3. I'm sure somebody's got one of those gears laying around. I've probably got a couple except they're 40 minutes away with all my other old parts.
  4. Thanks red lx if you would get to your oldparts at some point could you check for me and see if you might have this gear? And get back in touch with me on what ya would want for it id appreciate it Thanks Tazz from Collins Mo
  5. Thanks Delray Dude the chipped tooth doesnt seem to to bad its just st the top of the gear the other teeth appear to be straight n not twisted in any way. So maybe ill try and reuse it when i put the new pick-up assembly in it. and hope like heck thats is the reason for my no start condition, ive already replaced the module and coil but still geting no spark out it the coil or to the plugs. So im hopeing that this pick-up will do the trick not much else that i can see to replace if ya got any ideas send um on my way thanks Tazz from Collins Mo
  6. Hey I was actually going through stuff in my garage today and found a bare distributor that had the gear on it. I can pull the gear off and send it to you. Send me a PM when you get a chance.
  7. Hey, Tazz!
    I've got a very similar problem (see my new thread above). In fact, down to the chipped distributor gear tooth, I reused the gear. What if anything were you doing before you lost spark? I had been adjusting my cam timing, after replacing the roller cam I'd taken out for a used "performance" cam that turned out to be a dud.
    Please let me know if you find a solution, and I'll try it too. I don't want to say it, but knowing I'm not the only one with a similar problem is in a small way, comforting. Misery loves company and all that!