Engine Chug-a-lugs And Some Dtcs


New Member
Aug 17, 2017
Hi guys and gals. I am a few months into owning this 1994 Mustang Gt Convertible 5spd with 87K on the clock and I'm having nothing but issues. I'll give the backstory and then the current issue. When I first bought the car back in April I believe, I did an ignition system tune-up. Dizzy cap and rotor, wires, plugs and such. Then I took it into the shop for an A/C service. $500 later they replaced the two schrader valves and the ccrm. Drove it home and it overheated. Ccrm that they installed was bad and the fan wasn't coming on. They replaced it again. Couple weeks later, car died on me in an intersection. Bad TFI (ICM). Got that replaced. Just the other day, had the clutch done because the throwout and pilot bearings shredded themselves. New flywheel, clutch fork, bearings, and a stage 1 clutch. Now I was driving home today and the car felt a little strange. It almost felt like chugging but I'm not sure cause there are a lot bumps out where I live. The engine was also shuddering. I'd rev it a tad at the light, maybe up to 1000 RPMs, and as it came back down, it would shudder. Got home and checked codes and got 177 and 543. At the tail pipe it almost sounds like the engine is stumbling intermittently based on the exhaust note. From what I heard, it's something with the pcm. Thoughts? Suggestions? Prayers? Open to pretty much anything right now.
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