Clutch problems on friends 89 GT - Have to push clutch all the way to floor before...

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  1. Here's the dliema.

    At work,a friend of mine is having problems with his clutch.It feels fine when you press on it.But you have to push the pedal all the way to the floor ( I mean untill it nearly touches the firewall) before the clutch will disengage and allow you to shift into gears.Even then,when you shift,it is very difficult to move the shifter into the gears.I tried adjusting the quadrant but it seems it is as far as it will go.Adjusting the other way only makes it worse.Is there any other way to adjust the clutch cable?I thought it could be adjusted where it connects to the fork coming out of the tranny.but he told me there was only 1 nut on the fork to the cable that when he tried turning it,it spun the cable around with it.

    Is this fixable or could his cable be too stretched out?

  2. how far out is the adjuster? mine is adjusted VERY far out. i had the same problem. but yes the cable will strech

  3. It is as far as it will go.You can't move it anymore in that direction.If you could I dont know how to do it.When you adjust it one way,it springs back on it's own.You know it's not holding position because it just slides past the teeth (Like a gear grinding).Adjusting it in this direction is turning it the wrong way and makes it impossible to get it into gear.But trying to adjust it in the other direction.I have no idea how thats done.Because it holds itself against a plastic pivot.The same pivot that moves when you pull back on the pedal.
  4. Try to figure out someway to get that nut loose on that transmission fork and then work with it from there. I know on my clutch cable (I guess the previous owner did it) but it has two nuts that tighten against each other and about 8 washers before the nuts. :shrug:

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  5. i had the same thing on my stang when i bought it i t had about 10 washers on it i bought a new adjustable cable when i replaced the clutch and ended up reusing the washers because the dcable streched within a week also happened to a friend of mine what i would do is get a stock cable and use a firewall adjuster that was my friends and my fix for the cable issues it has worked good so far hope this helps
  6. time for a new cable/quadrant?