Engine Cold Air Intake Vs. Ram Air Hood

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  1. I am getting the run around with this. I am trying to figure out which I will receive more benefits from. I am wanting to do the following upgrdes to my car. I have a 2008 GT/CS. I want to add shorty headers and a Borla or Bassani Axle-back exhaust; cold air intake with a throttle body and a tuner OR a ram air hood. I have been told that the CAI would just add a sound to my car and not really any performance upgrades. I was told if I wanted performance increase to add headers and I was looking at a Ram Air hood. PLEASE HELP!!! Should I forget about the CAI and just go with headers and the Ram Air Hood/ Heat Extractor Hood?
  2. The stock airbox has a clamp down cover on it so a ram air hood would be useless. A CAI/Tuner combo with a program from a reputable dealer is worth 20-25 rwhp.
  3. lSteeda's new Cold Air Kit for the S197 produces the greatest power gains of any Cold Air Kit on the market. Testing has shown increases of up to 38 HP and 30 ft lbs of Torque to the rear wheels with Steeda's Cold Air Kit combined with our Custom SCT Tune.

    This is a great option. If you are going to add more performance parts down the road then you will see larger increases in HP.

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  4. CAI/tuner is the way to go. Plus, if you do any other mods down the road you'll still need the tuner. If you're wanting performance gains, skip the shorty headers and go with long tubes. The shorties are primarily for sound, LT is where the gains are. Skip the aftermarket TB, they are more trouble than they are worth until you start making huge power.
  5. Well I want to get a new hood because the one I have now has that cosmetic scoop on it and I want something with functionality on my car. I was looking at the shaker hood but that just looks like a waste of money...

  6. I've not seen a functional ram air hood for a Mustang that was worth any HP. Buy an inducted cowl that you think looks the best. You'll at least have form and function in that scenario. :nice:
  7. +1 to the above...(Functional hood)

    Get the C.A.I. it will allow the air to move far better that an open hole etc.

    If you had a top mounted intercooler (like a WRX/STI) to cool down a top mounted intercooler then sure get an opened hood etc. Remember the old day open hood cars ran on carbs and the open hoods allowed more air into the carb...

    But for todays V/8 with a mass air flow sensor getting and giving readings to the OBDII etc. for fuel injection you'll be far better off H.P. wise with a C.A.I. and tune.
  8. Can a novice work those tuners? I am just getting into this DIY mechanics and a scared to try things as I feel that I may make matters worse, or make whatever I touch non-functioning.
  9. Good question..with a "personal" answer.

    I would recommend you do your homework on finding a reputable tuner. If you have a hand held tuner, you should invest as little as $50.00 to have a tune downloaded to your tuner. Upload that into your car through your OBDII.

    If you go to a dyno tune you will pay more. But to spend $100.00's of dollars for a dyno tune and pull etc for a C.A.I. install without anything else seems kinda of futile.

    To tackle air fuel mixture is something that unless you really know what you are doing can lean out your perimeters and destroy your internals. I am sure you know... too much air = too hot = destruction.

    Kind of like blowing on a camp fire under the wood trying to get the flames to go. If you get a lot of air it burns!!

    My two cents anyway.
  10. Tunes are best left to pros. You have the risk of grenading your engine. Buy your tuner from Brenspeed or American Muscle, they provide free tunes for the life of the car.
  11. + 1

    Purchase a tuner package with your C.A.I. etc from any of the above and you will be happy...
  12. Thanks for the feedback.
    The problem is, the previous owner already installed a CAI. I don't know what brand it is being that there isn't any marking (logo) on the tube. I have only had my car for 3 days and I didn't get much information from my dealership on the "extra's" that are already on the car. I feel like I need to have a "physical" done on the car to see how she's feeling. If you know what I mean.
  13. Most (exception to everything) C.A.I.'s are similar to each other. The biggest difference is the amount of CFM (AIR FLOW) that they allow to roll over the mass air sensor. This reading should be able to be seen while the car is running while a tuner does his/her thing. A good one on one tuner would be able to verify the perimeters and set the tune to allow you to get the benefit of the cold air intake etc.

    Are you throwing any MIL's (malfunctiong indicator lights) and or DTC's (diagnostic trouble codes)? If you are...DON'T drive the car too much until you get those lights out! If you are seeing yellow check engine lights (MIL"s) you are likely too lean and getting too much air due to the intake etc. THAT IS BAD! Your computer is telling you it has issues with air fuel mixture and is yelling at you to go to the car Dr.

    Some C.A.I.'s do not require a tune, but most do. You could call the dealer and find out who the previous owner was and see what intake they bought etc. That will help too if there are no markings. You could call a few companies that deal with C.A.I.s and describe it or e-mail a photo to them and they should be able to decipher what type it is and the typical CFM flow it allows.
  14. If you mean on my dash, no, everything is fine. No warning lights of any kind. If you mean trouble codes on a scanner, I don't own one.
  15. Your dash lights (M.I.L.'s) should light up if there was an issue...
  16. Throw a picture of the CAI up, maybe someone will recognize it.
  17. lol. Sorry it's so big. But at lease now you can get a closer look at it.
  18. Kind of looks like a Steeda. You might do some searching on that.
  19. I say Steeda...appears that the strut tower brace is a Steeda too correct?

    My C&L looks a lot likea Steeda...and it looks like this..