Cologne 2.8 V6 To T5 WC Transmission

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  1. I am looking for information regading the Cologne V6 engine that was used in the Mustang back in the 80's. I have a TVR 280I which uses the same engine and I am looking to swap out my current 4 speed transmission with a T5 WC unit from a Mustang GT that I recently purchased. I am told that there were certain models of Capri, Mustang, Ranger etc that used this combination and that I should be able to purchase a bellhousing and ancillaries from a Mustang parts supply house.

    Can anybody confirm that my sources are correct, or if the T5 was ever using in any other application in conjuction with the cologne 2.8 block?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. TVRMAN,

    I am not aware of the T-5 ever being used with the 2.8L Cologne V6.

    In fact I would have thought it would have been done in a TVR if in anything.

    I have heard of the T-5 being used in a couple of 2.8L or other Cologne swaps though. I was contacted some time ago by a guy installing a 2.8L V6 in a Sunbeam with a T-5. The engine was sourced from a Mustang II and he used the MII 4-speed bellhousing along with a custom hydraulic throwout bearing. I can't find any contact info for him, but I did come across these links:

    There are other relatives of the Cologne V6 that would be interesting swaps into 2.8L powered cars...The 4.0L SOHC V6 comes to mind as well as the DOHC 3.0L V6 built by Yamaha and used in the Ford SVO Taurus. Here is a link to a website for a SVO swap into an Austin Healey with a T-5:

    He used a manual transmission bell from a Ford Aerostar van along with an adapter plate and the hydraulic throwout bearing from the Aerostar.

    This a swap I'd love to see in a Mustang II!

    Hope it works out for you.
  3. Doing the same match years later

    I was wondering if anyone has found out any more info on matching a T5 with a Cologne 2.8 V6.
  4. It wasn't a T-5 but I had a late production '84 Bronco II with a 2.8 and a five speed. It was also available in '85. For 1986 they switched to the 2.9 liter.
  5. The Bronco II/Ranger line used the Toyo/Kogyo 4 speed in 83-84, the Toyo/Kogyo 5 speed in 84-85, the Mitsubishi FM145/146 86-88(?) and the M5OD after that (into and including the Explorer model line) All will interchange, since the 2.8, 2.9, and 4.0 all share the Cologne V6 bellhousing pattern.

    The upside is that any of them are at least as solid as the RAD4 and all but the T/K 4 have overdrive. The downside is that all use the hydraulic clutch setup.

    Because the 2.8 likes a high-RPM workout, I'd still like to see if the RAD 4 bellhousing with bolt up to an SROD and fit behind a 2.8 in a Mustang II...
  6. One of the MGB engine swaps over at the British V8 website uses a Ford 2.8L V6 with the M5OD trans. The shifter on the M5OD may turn out to be too far forward for use with a MII, I hope to get some pics and measurements on here soon.

    If you had an application that needed a forward located shifter, in addition to the M5OD (and probably the T/K transmissions), the T-5 built for the Chevy S-10 has the shifter at the front of the tailhousing rather than at the rear like is used on all Fords.