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  1. ^this^

    Four Eye enthusiasts tend to also be purists. I for one would cringe at the site a 4 eye ruined with an swap for any motor other than a Windsor or Ford turbo 4.

    Just because you CAN do a thing, doesn't mean that you SHOULD do a thing. You wanna put a fukin LS into something then put it into something else. There are plenty of relatively light weight, unibody, bow ties to stuff an LS into.

    I consider FEP to be one of the few true enthusiast sites left on the web.

    We live in an age of, "slap it together and make it go fast". That doesn't make someone and enthusiast. It just makes them another shade tree boy racer who was lured by the thought of a cheap ride. Go on with your bad self if that's what makes you happy. You can't really knock a site wants Ford Power inside of a Ford. You also can't knock a site infused with a group of folks who are interested in making that Ford scream down the road by building up what originally came with the car.

    There are those that have more interest beyond just converting gas to noise.
  2. Almost all my "car friends" are Chevy muscle car fanatics(and I am also for the 60's-early70's vehicles). They constantly give me crap for being in a "puss-stang" and want me to "atleast put a real motor" in it. :bs::fuss: I tell them when I do it won't be a LS anything in my car. I don't care if others do. I enjoy "hot-rodding" builds immensely but it's not for me. I've always wanted to build an EFI stroked big inch sbf and beat there big block chevy's into submission :chair: but that's me and slightly off topic:shrug:
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  3. You go Noobz:banana:.

    I'll say this about that.
    If there were so many relatively light weight unibody Bow ties as potential recipients for an LS transplant, then you wouldn't be on your soap box.
    Fact is There ain't any.
    Name me one "relatively lightweight unibody Bowtie" that can be had as easily as a fox notch that even comes close and you get a cookie.

    Camaro/FB? Forgetaboutit.Those cars still weigh over 3200 lbs after you stripped every last nut and bolt out of it that wasn't holding the drivetrain in.
    Malibu? As long as you have Harwoods' number, and last made when exactly?........uhh 1982?
    Post 75 Nova? See above.
    Pre 75 Nova? Yeah, see those things almost everyday, And they're SOOO cheap.

    The simple fact that there are so many bastardizations of our beloved blue oval is because Chevrolet hasn't made a "relatively lightweight unibody car" since the last whimper was made by a 1977 Monza. Ever since then, mid 70's camaro have been gaining weight faster than a fat chick workin' at Dunkin Donuts. That last gen Camaro ('00) was so portly, you could gut it, replace the hood, and doors w/ fiberglass pieces, and change out all of the glass w/ lexan, and that pig would still weigh more than a notch sitting in the parking lot w/ every piece of factory installed stuff still on it.

    The only reason Chevy boys weren't doing it before the fox came along was because they had a car before that to use.
    When all we had was a stock headed Windsor to work with, It used to be us that worked w/ what we had to make a Ford fast.

    Now the shoes on the other foot somewhat, and in order to make their Chevy fast requires they ditch the anchor the engine came in.

    It's all relatively straight logic as far as I see it. Most of the LS into fox body swaps happen now a days in pursuit of building a faster drag car. I see the whole damn drag car as a bastardization of the brand anyway, so what the hell difference does it make whether the block has GM stamped on the side, or DART?
  4. I sometimes do this at the most inappropriate times.........Lol.
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  5. Malibu doesn't count. It belonged to the A and then later G body family. That being Cutlass', Regals, Gran Prix, etc. Full frame cars.
  6. You are all banned. :ban:
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  7. That just means that there are even fewer relatively lightweight unibody bowtie chassis to choose from.
  8. Yep, and after I posted this I thought about it and they don't have chit. A/G bodies weighed around 3800.
  9. With all that has been said, how bad did I bastardize my car? Fingers crossed @Noobz347 doesn't ban me next...

  10. Your projects are always, "Hmmmmm.... :chin what's he gonna do".

    I do recall seeing that you'd considered an LS swap at one point. Glad to see it didn't go that direction and have my fingers crosses that things work out well so that it doesn't. :)
  11. I was just making a point to counter the "purists" that bi tch about a GM engine in a Ford body.
    To me a drag car like yours stopped being a Ford in the same respect that NASCAR has no real right to even put a MFG's label on the hood of one of those cars.
    Your car resembles a Mustang,.......but it isn't a Mustang. Not in the factory sense anymore.
    How much of what was originally "ford" remains in your car?

    I've had a drag car like yours, and I think I can testify that there was very little left in the roller that didn't have some other aftermarket mfgs brand name on it.

    Dart engine block (no actual ford part inside)
    TFR heads
    Edlebrock intake
    Hughes Ultraglide
    8.8 w/ 35 spline Moser internals.

    Now a "purist" is gonna claim that the engine was based on fords original architecure, and to that I say bull, else wise Ford would've put the strength in the design and called it theirs. You never see anybody p issing and moaning that it took a Dart block to insure his Ford would make it to the end of the quarter in 9 seconds.

    in the 60's Ford put their engines in a British body and now it's one of the most coveted cars in the world.
    In the 80's Ford put a 24v six made by Yamaha under the Hood of an SHO, and again, not a word from the same "dont bastardize the car crowd".
    But let somebody put a chevy engine in there, and...................
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  12. I agree with some of that but...

    Even in my case, my car looks like a Mustang, yet damn near every part thats ever been replaced has been done through the aftermarket, from heads, to coil springs and brake pads. Does that make is a bastard child as much as a Mustang with a Chebby powerplant? I sure hope you don't think so :eek:

  13. For Christ's sake people!!!! The dizzy is that the wrong end of the block! :jester:

    Really though, the point is taken. I am certainly one of those people that you're describing. I would NEVER consider putting an LS motor in my Mustang yet I love the little 5.3 that powers my Suburban. I hauls some serious campers with that motors. :chin It's no slouch and I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the motor (except that Chebby used inferior exhaust manifold bolts on my model year). When I bought it, Ford was all about the NPI Modular and did not have a full size vehicle in its ENTIRE lineup that could get out of its own way. So I bought the Suburban.

    My Mustang sports a Dart Sportsman. Is it Ford? No. Is it a Windsor? For all intents, yes... Yes it is. I know this because I run a factory K Member and accessory drive on it that's balance and blueprinted for 1100 horse. It'll never see 1100 horse but I (like many) subscribe to the adage that you can have only two of the following three:


    I chose fast and reliable. I really don't like to have to buy something again if I can avoid it. If I had a Nova II, I'd be putting a Chevy motor into it and on down the line. I consider myself to be one of those "purists" who wants Ford part in my Ford. Even if those Ford parts are aftermarket made by AFR, PMAS, Ed Curtis, etc..

    My only regrets so far are these:

    I should have kept my original block
    I should have bored and stroked my Dart block further than I did

    The wife wants a Malibu or Chevelle. THAT project will certainly get an LS based motor. :)
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  14. Lets not confuse my point.
    I don't have a problem w/ the fact that your car has very few Ford parts remaining on/in it. Mine is the same way. What I'm saying is that most still consider that to be a 100% blue blooded, died in the wool, bonafide F.O.R.D.
    For me it goes back to when you raced on a Friday or Saturday night against the other guy.
    You lifted your hood, and there it was,.....a C9AE blocked 351w, w/ heads w/ the same C9 casting number on them, You had a C-4/C-6/FMX/Toploader trans that fed a 9" rear that even had a Ford 4.11 ring and pinion in it.
    Your opponent lifted his hood to reveal his ugly assed SBC w/ his "double hump" heads and a rochester Quadrajunk sitting on top of his cast iron 4 bbl intake.
    His engine backed by either a Muncie M-22/BW Super T10/or a powerglide/turbo 350, or 400 trans, running into his 10, or 12 bolt rear end.

    There now,.....Now you have a true Ford lined up against a true Chevrolet. Most nights that ford got it's slow ass handed to it, because stock for stock, a 350 SBC had a much better head than a 351w.
    Kinda like a LS does when compared to ANY stock 5.0/351 W to this day.
  15. So if I swap a 5.0 into my Wrangler does that make it less of a Wrangler :chin:
  16. Oooh, it's balanced and blueprinted, so was were the trusses on my house. Who gives a foc
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  18. we aim to please 1.jpg
  19. Sounds like a weed wacker on steroids but damn it's fast.