Considering Going Modular

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  1. I have been out of the game for a while, and im considering starting another project. I'm thinking about looking around for an 03-04 mach 1 and tinker with the top end a bit. I know the aftermarket is massive with the fox-body, but what about the n/a 32v 4.6's? I'm curious about like head swaps, cam choices and intakes.
    Do the old pushrod companies make parts for the newer mod motors? AFR, Trick Flow, etc? Kind of curious what I can do with the stock bottom end without going too crazy with adding boost or nitrous.
  2. And just for referance, I checked some of the older sites i've gotten parts from in the past. Summit, jegs, latemodelresto etc, and I'm not seeing really anything for the 32v motor regarding cylinder heads or cams
  3. I have a buddy that has a 03 mach, comp cams, stock long block with longtubes and a ported shortrunner manifold (stock casting). He is in the 375rwhp range. The thing pulls to 7200 so strong. It is a great car. He has 4.56's as well.
  4. I don't have a 4 valve but from what I have seen, there are a variety of cams. There aren't any aftermarket heads that I have seen but people get theirs ported, polished, and what not.

    The old heads, cam and intake route is expensive on any modular motor and the gains are not as great as you get with boost. Mod motors love boost. The rods are the weak point in our motors, so there are limits with the boost before you have to forge the bottom end.

    That being said, I don't think you would have any issues building any naturally aspirated setup on the stock bottom end.

    Machs are my favorite of all the SN95s. They don't disappoint, even in stock form, not to mention looking bada$$.
  5. There are crower and comp cams. Also the heads on the mach1 and cobras flow very very good there is no need to port or mess with the heads unless your pushing 1,000+ rwhp. Also the mach 1 is same as the cobra except there is no eaton supercharger. There is a sports car dealership that is in my area that sells the most 03-04 cobras in the world they have LOTS of parts sitting around. if you get a mach 1 you could get an eaton blower from an 03-04 cobra that is a direct fit. is the website.