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  1. Hey guys and gals, My name is Scott. I'm a huge ford fan. I have owned several rangers, and I currently have a 2006 F-150 4x4 that I absolutely love. My job has changed and I have moved, and I'm traveling roughly 300 miles a week, and averaging 12-13.5 MPG. I live in Indiana, so we do get snow and such. I went to the dealership the other day and test drove a 5.0 mustang 6spd, they didn't have a V6 on the lot for me to try out. I've been doing a lot of research and from what I can tell the car is pretty solid. I do have a few questions for you guys though. I appreciate you helping me out.
    - How well does the mustang do in the snow? I would have to trade in my truck, but I would probably buy an older truck by next winter if I got a mustang. But I'm sure I'll get caught out in the snow in it at some point.
    - What are your guys' actual MPG's you get on the V6? I've read anything from 16-34. I can't imagine getting any less than mid 20's in mixed driving.
    - Any issues or concerns I need to consider with the 3.7 liter? From the reviews I've seen it has plenty of power, and only a few less ponies than the 4.6 GT's. Any of you guys came from a 4.6 to a 3.7? Thoughts?

    I appreciate everyone answering my questions and helping me out. I plan on hitting the dealerships on monday to see what I can find. Pretty much set on Grabber Blue.....
  2. I can only comment on the snow part, as I don't have a V6 but my son is on his second. He DD'ed his 06 coupe in AK for two winters. He had studs on it (a must for six months of snow [email protected] He now drives a 2012 V6 vert in Denver. Said it does better than his 06 due to the traction control.

    I've rented a few of them and was highly impressed with the power.
  3. I have a V6 Performance Package, and I am getting around 24-25 mpg with mixed driving; and the 3.31 rear end gear.

    I don't drive mine in the winter, but I imagine the Performance Package with the Z-rated Pirelli's would not be ideal for winter driving. I do think, however, an all season radial or even some Blizzacks would make winter driving better.

    The 3.7 litre has 305 HP, which I feel is plenty for daily driving and for having some fun!
  4. My '11 GT/Auto does just fine with 4 Blizzak's on it! :)

    If you're going to be doing that much traveling, I would recommend the Auto. The 6-speed is pretty nice (esp. with a tune!), and I've done enough city driving with a manual to know how much I don't like it!
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I think I want to purchase one, but I would probably just buy me an older 4x4 for the snowy days. Ford has $5000 cash back on trucks now, so that makes them pretty competitive, but they don't help me out with mileage
  6. I have a 13 V6 convert. auto.
    So far in mixed driving I'm only getting 21-22.
    Hope that changes, was able to get that mileage in the 09 CTS I traded in.
  7. Wow I figured more than that on it, 22 isn't that good!
  8. I'm guessing the mileage will improve once the car is broken in some more.

    My mother's 08 V6 got better mileage the more miles she put on it.
  9. I've heard a lot of people say that as their engine gained some miles their mileage increased. I'm still undecided on what to do. I'd really like to have a new car, and I love the new mustangs. But I hate to give up the utility of a truck, even though I rarely use it. Although I could probably pick up a decent older 4x4 ranger for around $2500 or so.
  10. Well I went around to a few dealerships yesterday and test drove new mustangs. I will say I was very impressed with the performance of the V6. I down shifted through a roundabout and set it sideways. Sadly no dealership within a 500 mile radius has what I'm looking for. So I went to my local ford dealership today and ordered a 2014 mustang just how I wanted. Grabber blue, Mustang group of America Edition, comfort package, electronics package. I can't wait to get it, they said it would be anywhere from 8 weeks to 5 months. hell of a time frame huh.
  11. Congrats! You're going to love it. GB FTW! Once you get your dealer confirmation you can contact Ford Customer Service and they can keep you posted on the production process. It's not as good as it should be, but better than being totally in the dark.
  12. Thanks, I'm pretty excited about it. The wait is going to kill me. But hopefully it comes in sooner than later. Thanks for the info, I had no idea that I could stay updated on the production process! That will make the wait a lot better. Hopefully I have her by summer! Its definitely going to be difference going from an F150 to a mustang
  13. I can definitely see why you’re excited, scott2683! :D Like Husky44 mentioned, I’m able to track your order’s latest status. You won’t have your VIN right away, so PM me with your order number and dealer details.


    I appreciate the shout-out. :nice:

    It’s awesome to see all the support from this great community; thanks, guys!

  14. Thanks guys, I am stoked to get it! I will be sure to send you a PM so I can track the car. I am very glad to join your community and gain some knowledge from you guys

  15. Sounds great, scott2683; welcome to the forum! :welcome:

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  16. Hey Cory, about how long until my dealership provides me with my order number? Any idea on the wait time? I was told 8 weeks to five months... Production of the 2014's is starting soon I thought.
  17. scott2683,

    The four character long order number will be on the confirmation sheet sent back from Ford. The Vehicle Identification Number (or VIN) is assigned down the road when the vehicle is scheduled to be built.

    I’m sure your sales representative will be happy to track the order number down so you can PM it to me. :)

  18. I just wanted to send out a thank you to Cory from ford customer service, I gave him my order number and he was able to get my vin for me and tell me when my car is scheduled to be built, I also reached out to the ford marketing team and found out that there is a $1000 rebate on 2014 mustangs through April 1st.
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  19. I really appreciate the shout-out, scott2683! That’s awesome news about the rebate. “Cha-ching!” :D

  20. Hey guys, good news my window sticker was available online today. I can't wait to drive this thing down the road. My friends are trying to convince me to buy a subaru WRX instead because they are AWD. I test drove one the other day and it was not all that impressive, and the interior had nothing on the mustang. Anyways, here's my window sticker.