converting 86 5.0 to maf and 36# inj

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  1. Hi everyone, new here, helping friend out with this conversion, I'm a retired ford eec tech, their manuals don't cover this stuff..... here's the question.....

    Converting a 86 GT to MAF and 36# injectors, using all new aeromotive injectors, fuel rails and adj. regulator, MAF is matched to injectors. Already installed trickflow intake and plenum w/ 70mm TB. lower end is stock. I've got all wiring and directions for install of harness and he picked up a pcm for 93 GT to run this system, my question is will this setup compensate for the injector change or will I need to have the pcm reprogrammed for the injectors??????

    Also what kind of problems can I expect to run into with this change over, if any????

    I've been reading a lot of info here and I am impressed with the knowledge base of the gearheads here......this site is great!!!!!! I'll be building my own soon and I am glad to know I can get experienced help here.

    Thanks, in advance for the help......
  2. Welcome aboard!!!

    As long as the MAF/MAS is 'calibrated' to the ecu and Injector Size, the car should run pretty well.

    A better solution would be a custom tune on a J3 chip, but that will be either expensive, OR time consuming.

    Just to be on the safe side...
    Was the MAF meter purchased new or used?
    What is the catch code on the ecu?

    Sounds like things will work though,
  3. Thanks for the reply Jason.....
    yup new maf and harness, new soldered connectors for pcm, ( I stashed a bunch of pins when I worked at ford dlr)

    I told the guy I'm doing this for that I thought 36#'s sound a bit excessive for what he is doing but he wants em, thats what he gets....

    as for the catch code? if you mean the calibration code I'll have to get it tomorrow when I get to his place to finish up. injectors, rails and regulator went in today, wiring and maf tomorrow then we will see what happens, aeromotive stuff went in pretty easy, but install and running is 2 different things.

    I'll post the calib and the pcm #'s tomorrow and how things went when I fire it up.:D

    Thanks again for the reply......

  4. Hi everyone, back again, in process of installing the missing ego's!!!!!
    I found the plugs are missing, he says his buddy that put exh on must have cut them off??????

    I cant find the book at the shop I used to work at ( they toss them older than 10 yrs)

    can anyone find me the eec diagram for an 86 5.o eec harness so I can trace the harness and see what I have to do to fix this.I basicly need the wiring colors and pin positions at pcm so I can rewire them.

    It's like beating my head aginst the wall!!!!!
    I knew things were going to well.....LOL
    everything else is ready to go, he didnt understand what I meant when I said this veh hasn't been in open loop since those ego's were disconnected. I didn't feel like explaining either, MY HEAD HURTS!!!!!

    Thanks in advance

  5. Thanks for the link Jason, that helped

    I was searching the harness hoping whoever cut it left some hanging out, no luck

    now I'm gonna open it up and trace it from the pcm, I hope they didnt pull the pins

    thanks again I'll post the results!!!!
  6. when i installed mass air on my car i used the 86 wiring harness and put the air meter wires in the ecm cant remember what pins they are only two wires go into the ecm and one is for key on power and the other is for a ground and i used the ground by the ecm passenger kick panel