cooling tips for these hot motors???

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by travis0712, May 8, 2004.

  1. I will try back later, there seems to be a problem with's mysql server...

    How many quarts are you running with?

    I like this one, 7 quarts... flow direction to keep oil ready for pumping... plus, it has a temp sensor connection ready for a new oil temp gauge! Rock on! Thanks for the tip... I would have to say this would make the biggest improvement, even over the radiator and upgraded heat exchanger... and for the price - looks like it's added to my near future upgrade list!

    Thanks a ton NJ2000R ! It is easy to overlook the cooling system... its the lifehood of our engines...
  3. NJ2000R - who makes that oil cooler?
  4. Correct....and Lafear knows this cause I told him. I have the Cervini Cobra R hood for the last 2 years...the last year with a Vortech. Talk about hot!. The hood didn't come with a fire blanket...paint is fine.

    As for keeping the engine cool. Unless you are doing some serious auto crossing or something, it's more than fine the way it is. The only thing I would recommend is that you have the fan turn on sooner with a custom chip...or an electric/manual setup if you like.
  5. A nice steeda radiator and canton oil pan will help keep things a bit cooler during the very hot summer drives, especially in the stop and go traffic... plus, I do plan on taking the road atlanta drive this july.
  6. Try a product called ENGINE ICE. Its a purple liquid that you do not dilute. I use it in my motorcycles (that have a digital thermostat) and it made about a 12 degree difference in normal running and in traffic the fan NEVER came on again. I did this on a Suzuki gsxr 1000 and a Honda 929 rr. Hope it will help your cobra!!
  7. Digital thermostat ??? How does that work? :shrug: