Counterweights help eliminate drone?

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  1. This guy in the local Mustang club I just joined has the same Flowmaster American Thunder muffler I've got on my '06 V-6. There's a rather annoying drone at certain mid-range RPM's and he says that putting counterweights on the muffler helped cut the drone his makes by 50%. He has since gone to duals so there's no way I compare between his and mine now. I did go back to the muffler shop and asked the guy who installed my muffler if counterweighting would help, and he said he never heard of it (doing so.) Said that the drone was in "the nature of the beast" and nothing can really be done about it. I thought I'd throw this out here for some opinions....
  2. no I dont think that counter weights will solve the drone maybe a vibration but not drone. :) I maybe wrong tho, I did notice the original muffs had weights on em.
  3. I did a lot of research on muffler drone before I replaced my stock V6 muffler. I rode around with my brother in his 04 300M Special. He had Flow Masters on the car and I did not care for the drone. I also found some interesting information posted on a website explaining the physics of muffler drone. According to the formula you would need 18 inches of tailpipe to eliminate drone. Since the V6 muffler is an axle back design, this is not possible. As a result, I installed a GT take-off muffler and am very happy with the sound and performance. The installation was easy and I even gained ½ MPG!
  4. When you installed the GT takeoff how did it fit as far as the tip touching the top of the rear bumper? I read that it touchs it and that you need to bend one of the brackets so it don't touch. Did you have to bend anything? How much of a gap do you have between the exhaust tip and top of bumper?
  5. I had the local muffler shop install it and yes the muffler mount had to be tweaked a little to center the exhaust tip in the rear fascia opening. (The muffler tip ended up about 3/8” from the fascia edge). We get 100+ temperatures here in SoCal but it was not a problem. Everything went well.
  6. GT Takeoffs are the way to go for just soooooooo many good reasons .... :nice:
  7. 'scuse me fer bein' so dumb, but when you say GT Takeoffs, do you mean, like, taking the right side muffler of a GT dual system and putting it on the V-6? Izzat what you mean? Does a single muffler from the GT dual system sound better and w/o (as much) drone as the single Flowmaster made for the V-6?

  8. Yes, and they're cheap and easy to find ...

    not necessarily better, but just as good (in my opinion) for a lot less coin - and w/out the drone ...
  9. BTW, just "what" is it in a muffler that causes that *&%#&#@*# drone?
  10. The drone is part of the physics of sound (or sound waves). I can't give you the website, but someone had posted the scientific formulas related to drone. It would take 18 inches of tailpipe AFTER the muffler to eliminate drone. Since the Mustang is an axle back design, this is not possible.
    I bolted on a GT take-off muffler (removed from a new GT and purchased on-line for under $50) and am completely satisfied. Yes, the muffler mounts had to be bent slightly to center the muffler tip in the rear fascia opening, but the sound is much better than the stock V6 muffler.
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