Crazy Rays Boneyard

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  1. crazy rays Hawkins point rd Baltimore. They had 2 Foxbody today. One 88 convertible and. 4 eyes t-top. Both 4 bangers. 4 eyes looked rough inside but had some good glass and body parts. 88 vert has a good rear bumper and a few good body panels. Vert interior was not too bad. Blue cloth, good console and even the ashtray door was good. It has other salvageable interior stuff. Manual crank windows and good glass.

    D738D08D-1688-42EA-BA65-F29E95596B42.jpeg A9AF212B-2272-4B9B-B893-458D6C126196.jpeg EE52BB79-E498-4BB4-84F9-1A5EEC857CB6.jpeg 2F66C9E0-C6F8-4E34-946E-F081C4B05A9B.jpeg 0667D53C-E893-448A-AD1C-34566FC002CB.jpeg EFEF7E40-049B-4B19-841C-ECD6DF71C2E1.jpeg 931CDAF8-8EC8-43BF-8D25-E71665AB98C3.jpeg DE4F45A1-A1CE-4D18-B84A-DB7D67B0DBB4.jpeg 8FD5D285-6840-4645-8355-864E74E6F8B3.jpeg 584C775B-2BBA-493D-9D2D-1AAB1611FC1B.jpeg
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  2. Actually, the side mirrors on the 88 vert looked really good. I might have to go back and snag those. Plus the oem front corner lights were in the trunk and looked good. And drivers oem headlight. It looked cracked at first but then I realized it’s was frozen water pooled inside the fixture. Today was just a scouting trip. I had no tools and no time.

    I need the charcoal canister from the 88, I think. Will it fit my 93 vert? What about the side mirrors? Will they fit my 92 hatch? They look different than the mirrors on my 93 vert.
  3. Two types of outside mirrors, 'bat wing' used on some t-top and converts and the standard mirrors. The ones in the pics will fit your hatch.
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  4. I'm planning on making a trip out there tomorrow.... Thanks for the info.
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  5. If you can, let me know what time you’ll be there. I’ll gladly help you take stuff off
  6. Sounds like a plan. I'm a ways from there so I'll post here in the AM when I'm OMW. If its anything like today we'll need pocket warmers.

    That rear bumper is pretty straight on the convertible. The lump in mine is really starting to irritate me.
  7. The mirror changeover occurred sometime in 1988.

    I've seen a few t topped 1988 mustangs with the hockey stick mirrors. Only hardtop fox to ever get them.
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  8. The car was originally a light blue. I’m thinking about those mirrors. And if you don’t want the whole console, I might take the ashtray door. And cig lighter socket. Maybe the bulb housing for the shifter light too. It’s an automatic
  9. That’s what my 93 vert mirrors look like. Are they correct for 93 convertible or did someone change the doors before I got it?
  10. Those are right for your 93, my 92 had them.
    Some called them hocky sticks, I call them bat wings, don't know where I heard it. I may have made it up, I been known to do that :shrug:
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  11. They are correct.

    83-88 convertible got the door mounted style
  12. Wish I could make it out to the yard today....but its not going to happen. This is the only day me and the wife are off together. Family duty calls.
  13. Heard that...similar here
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  14. I'll be there Saturday morning. I've got to pick up one of my sons just outside Baltimore. Smh

    I need to grab some windshield trim to play with....and that rear bumper would be a nice addition to my collection.
  15. Go through the entrance and straight down the main isle. The white 88 is on the right. Unless they move it, which they sometimes do, you can’t miss it. Of course by Saturday, who knows what’s left or if the car itself is even still there.
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  16. Got out to crazy rays this morning...Thanks man !!!! I got my windshield trim, a distributor cover, and a radio for the Taurus. :nice:

    Wanted to post these two gems I found out there. They are both 98 explorers. Should have internal EGR...I think. Might have to double check.


    The convertible was missing the mirrors and the ash tray.... Did you make it back out here ?

    I'd like to keep this thread alive. Maybe folks can post stuff they come across in Maryland JY here.
  17. It wasn’t me who took the mirrors or ashtray. I didn’t make it back. Glad you got some stuff.

    There’s always explorers with GT40p stuff up there. EGR ones are 96 only from what I’ve seen. The 96 also had the non p heads. Exact same castings as the 93 Cobra heads
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  18. I need those cylinder heads lol
  19. I scouted Crazy Rays again today. No new specimens to report.

    I did find this which was interesting. The 4 eyes T top car I spotted on the last visit is still there, minus it’s top. I guess someone will be tacking that on to another car to gain the sought after T top status.

    The white 93 convertible is also still there getting picked apart

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  20. Oh forgot to mention, it wasn’t a wasted trip, never is actually. But this time I took a whether strip piece from the 4 eyes. The piece that runs along the hood edge near the cowl. It’s actually a steel strip encased in rubber with attachment clips built in. My 93 is missing this piece. Not anymore. $6.44
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