Dad's Mustang + Deer=problem

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  1. My Dad lives in Western NY, and just got hit by a deer, screwing up his incredibly nice 96 GT vert. I'm on the other side of the continent and can't get there to help him...

    Are our hoods not steel? The front right corner of his looks like cracked fiberglass in the cell phone pic he sent me.
  2. The top of mine was definately steel. It's been so long since I had a stock hood I can't remember if the underside was metal or not, but I"m pretty sure it is.

  3. There is no metal in the stock hood other than the hinges. It's a composite material similar to fiberglass. Check with a magnet. If it's metal it's not stock.
  4. Yup. What he said.
  5. That blows me away. Been driving mine with a stock hood for 5 years now, and never realized it wasn't steel. :shrug:

    Talked to Dad today, he's got a bud that's going to help him with the work.

    Seems he also got bit by the mod bug. :D

    Wants me to send him links to aftermarket hoods. Also wants to do a headlight upgrade. Any recommendations there? I know NOTHING about headlights for these cars. When I can drive mine, you don't need headlights, because it doesn't get dark; when it gets dark, I can't drive mine, because there's snow on the ground.
  6. 96-98 Cobra headlights
  7. cervini is the only hood i would run x2 on the cobra headlights what color is his car ? maybe the smoked lights would look good ?
  8. I got a set of cheap "crystal clear" lights off Ebay and ran them on my '95 for 5 years with no fogging or moisture problems. Just put a good set of bulbs in, and you have some nice bright lights. I also agree that I wouldnt spend the money on anything other than stock or Cervini's on a hood. Last thing your pops needs is a hood flying up on him.
  9. I just saw a thread somewhere else with weight of stock hood and a cervini hood (cobra r if I remember right). Stock hood weighed less. If weight is a concern stay stock otherwise for looks and peace of mind with an aftermarket I'd agree cervini has best reputation.
  10. stock hood is definately fiberglass i hit a deer in mine bout 4 years ago. Did alot more damage than just hood it blew my airbags which cracked my windshield driver side fender bent headlight busted front bumper busted. Definately not fun hitting one they can come outta nowhere thats for sure. I had a friend hit one on a two lane and it actually sent the deer through the windsheild of a driver in the oncoming lane scary stuff. Our problem here is too much land development and its driving the deers out towards the road.
  11. Sounds similar to Dad's damage, but his hit the PS fender, took out the headlight, front corner of the hood, dented PS door (fixable), and deployed the air bags (probably the most expensive part).

    Car is a dark green metallic, with a tan roof. All stock, had 30k miles on it when he bought it. He likes it though, and it would cost more to buy something new, so he's going to fix it.