"deeper" center caps

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  1. I have a 93 fox.. and im having a clearance issue with my centercap-->rim (03 cobras), due to the height of the dust cap. Was wondering if anyone knew of a place that made center caps with more depth that could curve this problem. I already have a spacer, and if I go larger, id have to change the studs (wrong offset.. didnt do my homework :/).

    just trying to find the easy way out :D
  2. I had same issue with mine with the Saleen repl. The dust cap would knock the center cap out. I used 1/4" spacers, but I see you tried and it didn't help so NM im moving on now. Good luck
  3. Depending how much room you need you could always 'flatten' the dust cap to gain additional clearance. Kind of hack, but as long as it holds a seal, who cares?
  4. thats what I was thinking.. or just some how using a diff dust cap.
  5. I have seen guys run without a cap, I wouldnt suggest that though.
  6. im thinkin saran wrap...
  7. No special center caps exist really. Some guys run a small spacer. If you run one you should really upgrade the studs either way for insurance
  8. they exist...i ordered them through cj pony parts...i had to get them when i got my 4 lug 03 cobras...
  9. thankyou my kind friend. thats exactly what i needed.
  10. this may help:


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  11. i checked on cjponyparts and wasnt able to find them.

    maybe im looking in the wrong place ?
  12. they dont have them on the site online..just call 18008886473...its sad, i know it by heart...lol

    if not them, you can contact the manufacturer...mine were made by o.e. concepts at oeconcepts.com they were very helpful through the process because when i bought mine it was when they just started making them in four lug and it was kind of a trial and error process till we got the right ones...

    hope this helps...

  13. awesome man. really appreciate it.