delay in throttle response

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  1. my explorer has had a delay in throttle response ever since i picked it up about 7-8 months ago. i thought this would have been fixed when my explorer went in to get its transmission rebuilt this past weekend. however it is still present

    i was thinking it might be the TPS. should i try recalibrating it or should i replace it. anyone have a price on a 95 explorer v6 TPS? or would it be better to replace the whole throttle body?

    should i consider another cause as well?
  2. Before I replaced anything, I would consider a tune up. Do the basic maintanence stuff first, then dive into replacement parts. What kind of mileage is on it? At the very least, new air/fuel filters and spark plugs should be done. It could be the TPS sensor...they do go bad from time to time. If I recall correctly, the TPS on the 4.0L OHV is about $60 to replace....the same as a 5.0L. Might wanna give the Mass Air Meter a quick clean up as well. The can read all over the board when the wire element gets contaminated with road oil and dirt over the years. Try that and let us know. :)
  3. the car has 111,300mi on it

    the previous owners claimed to have given it a tune up.

    changing plugs on this engine looks to be really complicated.

    i replaced the fuel pump 300mi ago so i know things are good on that end. air filter was also replaced not too long ago as well. is the TPS sensor something i should go ford oem or can i pick up the napa alternative? ill see what i can do with the mass air meter.

    how likely is it that the throttle cable is "sticking". i cant go out and look since the car was actually brought back to the transmission shop for a small leak.
  4. A sticky throttle cable shouldn't cause hesitation though? Maybe a hanging idle. As for the TPS, I would go with genuine Ford. When it comes to the small electronic sensors, I never trush anything other than OEM.

    You ever run it for codes?
  5. idk, just throwin out ideas haha.

    i got a buddy with an xcal2. ill see if i can borrow it
  6. I'm not 100% sure it will work. If I recal, your year Explorer was kind of a half breed between the OBD1 and OBD2 set up. It will have the OBD2 port under the steering column, but it does not utilize the OBD2 computer. I believe there is a second port under the hood that is OBD1 EEC IV which case your friend XCal II won't work. Just head over to Autozone and have them read it for free with an early OBD1 tester. :)
  7. they do it for free? hot damn! :D

    i gotta go over there anyway. thanks for the suggestion :nice:
  8. wow i am pissed. advance auto does not read obd-1 codes in my area. i also checked wit ha bud upstate that works at an advance auto and he said his place doesnt read them either.