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  1. While all these precautions are not absolutely necessary they are just that, precautions. When someone spends big time and/or money on getting a swirl free finish, they usually want to take every precaution to prevent re-introducing swirls or marring to the paint. Sure none of these techniques are perfect, but all together they do help keep your paint defect free.
  2. Don't use a sponge use a sheepskin wool mitt. It gives the dirt/grit a place to go (up into the fiber and away from the paint. With 2 buckets and a grit guard it should look like this (picture from autopia)
    Left bucket is the rinse bucket and the right clean bucket is the soap solution.
  3. I just said sponge for simplicity. I actually use something with microfiber "fingers" on it.... oh and dish washing detergent. Gets a squeaky shine every time :D

    I may try the dual bucket method after I break in the PC on my Yukon. Really no point in it now