Diablo Sport Predator Tuner ?????

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  1. Does any of you Guys know anything about the DIABLO PREDATOR Tuners ??? I found one for $200 NEW he said he used it once, but don`t know if it`s gonna work w/my V6 `cose the guy that is selling it had a MACH 1 I guess and sold the Car......If I can use it for my V6 I will buy it `cose it`s a steal (they usually go for $400) but have no clue if it`s gonna work????

    :hail2: Any suggestion is appreciated:hail2:

  2. The Diablo Sport Predator Marries it self tothe care it was flashed on /w the performance tune the only way to undo this is to restore the stock flash otherwise a predator that has flashed a existing stang can only be used to read error codes from other stangs.
  3. So no tune is on the predator at all, and nothing you can do. Yep, it's a steal...for him.
  4. Nope, it won't work for the V6. Maybe you should buy it from him and sell it to Oxmox for a profit :shrug: :D
  5. Naaahhh,no profit for me, I`ll just paste the web for him and also w/some 4.10 Gears for 8.8" for $100 but he probably knows already.........http://www.mach1registry.org/forums/showthread.php?t=42346
  6. Oh well. I bet someone in the Mach 1 area would also be interested. I know www.rpm-outlet.com sells a predator tuner(v6) and some pulleys for $450.
  7. zincyellow03, you messed up that web page , it`s www.rpmoutlet.com not rpm-outlet.com:Word: :Track:
  8. Sorry, I'm :Teh-Win: . I haven't been there for a while since I might be getting a GT/Bullitt so I've put off any mods for the V6. Are you going to go with those? I remember I was going to order them, but their website makes it a **** to order. I tried so many times and no luck. :(
  9. I haven`t decided yet if I want to do any more mods as well, since I want to pay off the balance on the V6 ASAP.......and get the everwanted MACH 1, we`ll see how it goes has 74K miles , If I get a "big" check from the IRS next Tax season I might do something but for now I am sooooo HEATED for that MACH 1........

    :shrug: :bang: :hail2:

    IT WILL HAPPEN , one day......:D
  10. Good luck with getting the Mach 1. :nice: Just remember, if you plan on selling your car soon, put on mods that you can remove and sell seperately. Because when you trade/sell it to the dealer, they don't add it to your price. It makes no impact at all. So if you do mods, make sure you can remove them and sell them, that way you can put more money towards the Mach.
  11. All these guys in this post that said it won't work on your V6 are just plain stupid and don't know jack s**t about Predators. As long as the former owner restored the stock tune to his Mach 1 before selling the Predator it will work just like a new one on your car.
  12. Thanx Give Me TP, I did some research and came to be the same as you said-I have no Idea if the Guy did the flash back or not so I gave up on the unit-although if he did it is a great deal........

  13. YEP, I am fully aware of that but am not thinking about selling the Convertible at ALL-just keep it till it drops......and since I take good care of the vehicle it should last looooong enough. It is very sad how much the Vehicles depriciate in value.....so I will try and keep it in my possesion as LONG as possible.

  14. If you get another chance at a used Predator and can inspect it before buying, it's very easy to tell if the unit has been restored to usable condition.

    Power it up, either through a wall AC adapter or through your OBD II port, and the menu that appears will show three choices. Select "OPTIONS" and then select "Show Last Tune Written". If the unit then shows "Original Backup" all is well and the Predator is reset for use on your or another car.
  15. :scratch: I always though that the V6's have there own predator and that the V8'S and Mach 1's have one and then the cobra's have there own seperate one???
  16. The same Predator model U7146 works for all of these:

    1998-2004 GT
    2003-2004 Mach 1
    1998-2001 Cobra
    1998-2003 V6

    The 2003-2004 Cobras do use another model.
  17. Never knew that. Now suddently the diablo is starting to look cheaper... :)
  18. How can you reset a predator if it is "married" to a vehicle that you do not have access to?