DIY air to air intercooler on Kenne Bell for 92 LX

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  1. I was at lejuene early 90's, Semper FI my friend. I can use your bypass and route the inlet to the bypass I another location. I'd have to design something first and then run it by you so how you like it. The cost of the intercoler fabrication and welding is $1100 shipped. I would need your manifolds for at least a month to get it done.
  2. Semper fi brother.....! Ok sounds great when I pull the manifolds off I'll send you a pm and well go from there.
  3. Btw did that plastic mock setup design ever come through?
  4. Sounds good, LMK when you will be shipping out and I'll seat working on bypass provision.
  5. i saw your post with your TFS lower manifold, my question is when you stinceled the TFS gasket onto your KB upper what did you do with the the bolt holes that didn't line up? i Have a TFS lower and i want to do the conversion. I just to do it right.
  6. I just copy and pasted this from my build thread on the corral. You can see where I stenciled the gasket on the bottom of the KB manifold. You will need to find a welder that can add material to outer ears of the manifold. You can see from scribing the Trick Flow R gasket that the end bolts are moved outward.

    I thought of that and it may happen some day. Here are some crappy pics of the KB matting surface with the Trick Flow R lower clearancing done. You can see the 2 back bolt holes are needing the end ear to be slightly widened.

    Also had to add bung and tap it on the TF R manifold for the inner middle KB manifold bolt. For the other side I drilled a long hole in the step on the KB maniflod and used the bolt location already there. The 4 corners of the KB manifold had material added to widen the ears for the slightly wider bolt location on the TF R.
  7. got it!!! thank you.
  8. @92rohcp I didn't know you were still active on here. I, along with a few others here will be running a Stinger PiMP. Trying to get mine up and running this weekend if I can. Would you be able to help out with some pointers if I get stuck on something in Tuner Studio?