DIY air to air intercooler on Kenne Bell for 92 LX

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  1. :stupid:

    I was actually thinking about sending them a link to this thread. I think for them to manufacture this kit it would cost them alot of time and money, thier market is more toward the modular crowd.

    What were the IAT temps before the intercooler?
  2. They would sell 5X as many of these kits if they came with some form of aftercooling. But trying to talk to the reps at Kenne Bell is like speaking to a wall. When they completely lose interest in you and won't even take your money the moment they find out you're buying their kit for something other than a Mustang, that's when you know you're dealing with a piss poor company!

    I doubt Kenne Bell would recognize anything unless Jim Bell himself dreamt up the idea. :rolleyes:
  3. Ive spoke to Jim Bell a couple times. He seemed nice but a bit full of himself. He insisted I didnt need an intercooler when I was discussing my 96 Cobra with him. He just said to buy a barrel of racing fuel and add one gallon for every five of pump gas :nonono:
    May as well just put on nitrous and not have the parasitic loss when I dont use it :shrug:
  4. hell i know i would buy it if they did, ive been thinking for a while how i was gonna intercool/aftercool a KB, thanks to you i dont have to think as hard anymore
  5. if you bought that kit from kenne bell it would cost at least $2500 more for the kit, and like i said before there isnt a makret for Kenne Bell stuff on our cars, he sells 10x more blowers for lightnings, and cobras alone.

    For the money put the correct size turbo on it and make power cheaper and more effiecently.
  6. I did contact KB, TJ was the rep I baught my KB from and I sent him some pics of the finished job. He really like it and complimented me, but they are not interested in anyone elses Ideas for sure.
  7. yes and what about the people who want that immediate powerband of a twin screw, theres not a turbo system on the planet that can replicate that, some get close but nothing has the immediate thrust like a twin screw
  8. Wouldn't be a market for the most mass produced Mustang ever built.....on what planet?!?! Quite frankly, the only thing that stops these kits from flying off the shelves is the fact that they aren't equipped with some form of aftercooling. Kenne Bell could easily have cast these kits with a similar form of cooling as above and sold them for much less than a $2,500 premium. It really doesn't matter since it'll probably never happen anyway, but I challenge anyone to build a centrifugal or turbo kit with crisper response, more low end torque capability, or better street manners than that of a positive displacement blower.

    As the matter of fact, if Kenne Bell did in fact sell this kit, I would actually consider buying a 5.0L Fox/SN95 again. That's how good it would be!!!
  9. :stupid: You can make huge power with a snail but for the street a positive displacment is the best route. Gives you power everywhere where you need it on an unpredictable street. No waiting for it to spool up, makes a small block feel like a big block at 1200 RPMs :nice:

    They could sell it as a $1250 option and people would but it. If they made some improvments, like make the discharge specific for it then they would only be into each kit mabey $500 with all the fitings and pipes. They could make a good profit on it.
    Questions that need to be answered though are, how much did the IATs drop? How much boost was lost? How much HP gain is there? Does it cause any lag?

    If it can drop the IAT by 30+* and only lose 1-2 psi while maintaing the same HP level or better then its a solid piece that should be made IMHO :nice:
    With the ability to add more timing and more boost then that would allow KB to add another 60-80hp on their power claims :shrug:
  10. You are my freaking hero! That car is gorgeous! And the work is amazing too!
  11. :stupid: the outcharge plenum would be an easy thing to cnc out of a piece of billet aluminum now that i see how it works. just a box with a 3" hole in the side with a bit of pipe tigged to it. only problem would be if that casting also is the bracket for the charger itself.

    really the only thing i never really found enticing about the kb's aside from the intercooler deal was the fact you have to use a stock or gt40 intake. but i bet someone could take one of those efi-ed carb-style intakes and put an adapter on it and be ok:shrug:
  12. Just an update. My chip was sent back to Don LaSota for some tweeking more fuel mostly and some extra timing in one of the tunes. 20* and one with 25*. I also pressure testing my system by placing a large plug at the throttle body and then I pressurized the system to 25 psi. I used a spay bottle with soapy water and found I was loosing air through the throttle body blade shaft which surprised me because its and Accufab. You could hear the air coming out there and it really won't hold any pressure due to it. I don't think that is critical at this point as the throttle body is not under extreme pressure anyway. The other area was on the KB upper manifold it was very very slight bubbling so small you almost would not notice, but the soapy foam starts to move slightly under 25 psi. It was just a small area between the 2 bolts in the front. I think it hurts not having that third bolt there to clamp down the upper. Anyway that area was leaking slightly like that before. When I first started running meth last year I could see just a small bit of blue there from the windshield washer fluid I was running, and that was when the blower was only 4 months old and sealed from KB.

  13. I'll post the results her agian but its in the body of this thread. All my results are from recorded data logs using Zetronix system so ACT temps air logged in volts then I convert to degrees.


    6.5" crank and 2.5 blower pulley resulted in 14.5 psi max

    ACT temps 220-240 degrees max WOT

    Cruse temps 185 degrees

    After Custom Intercooler without Meth

    6.5 crank 2.5" blower pulley 13 psi max

    ACT temps 10-15 degrees above ambient
    I'm seeing 70-80 degrees now.

    Cruse temps 10-15 degrees above ambient
    about 75 degrees.

    The skinny is I lost about 1.5 psi through the intercooler and piping

    Lowered ACT temps more than a 100 degrees

    Gained a **** load of power (seat of the pants), but I can tell you this its the biggest gain I have ever felt on my car. Its like the first time I drove my car supercharged. I am not exagerating here. The car is completly different now. The throttle response is even better the car hits so hard at 2k now I can spin the tires even in 3rd gear at 2k just rolling on the throttle. The rowl of the Kenne Bell is even loader now very noticable inside and out of the car at any RPM evertime it sees even a little boost. I wish I would have done this long ago but I hadn't had the balls or the belief that it would work. Well boys I'm here to tell you it works and works well. Its very cool to stop after driving and feel the front of the intercooler with one hand on either side of IC and feel one hot and one cool, no ****......
  14. Any dyno numbers yet?
  15. I'm trying to get to a Mustang dyno May 29th I hope it works out i'll have to drive the car 3.5 hours to get there.
  16. where do you live maybe i can just ship my car to you and you can do what you did to yours to mine?

    will the 2L kenne bell fit on there, i would like around 15-20lbs of boost?
  17. Those after numbers are great, its surprising to me that the kenne bell is that inefficient without the intercooler, cruise temps were 100 degrees over ambient? Were the before numbers without metanol?

    I think we are all going to be shocked by the power numbers that car makes with it running so much better
  18. Got the chip back today from lasota Racing with the new burn for more fuel and guess what....Still lean. My walbro 255 intank is gonna need help. I just ordered a BAP tonight, not sure if I will have it in time for the Dyno session on the 29th. I may have to pospone...CRAP.

    On the PLUS side speed cut on the blower pulley worked. I'm seeing a full 14.5 psi now with the same setup. And guess what I can't even WOT in 4th anymore, car just destroys the tires now. Also logged ACT temps of 60 degrees during the WOT runs. And yes it was cool out tonight 50 degrees.

    Conclusion on the system air flow is that I'm gettng dam near same PSI with A2A as without. I feel like I hit it out of the park on this one. Ooh by the way I only tried the 20 degree program so far. I'm afraid of the power level I could achieve with the 25* program would split the block.
  19. Ha Ha Ha and im worried about splitting my block adding a small shot of nitrous after reading what your doin i might use a 175 shot:shrug::nono: i better not....................any videos of this badboy?
  20. The lean issue persits, I'll put the facts here for you guys to chim in. To get you up to speed I have a Walbro 255lph HP intank pump only, 60 lb injectors stock fuel pressure lines and SN95 rails. As you know I sent my chip back after the A2A project to have my tuner command more fuel which didn't work. He suggested I that the MAF is to far from the Engine now, seeing that the air travels after read by the maf through 20 feet of pipe before it hits the engine. He would like to see a blow through unit in the last pipe before the discharge. I'm also considering that. I rigged my mechanical fuel pressure gauge to outside of the windshield where I could read it under WOT and the walbro 255 is keeping up. The fuel pressure rises to 55 psi and stays there even though the A/F reads lean. So if anyone here has idea's chim away