DIY Mustang GT and v6 OEM muffler mod with no drone


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Aug 4, 2011
DIY Mustang GT and v6 OEM muffler (axleback) mod with no drone


It's my first post, I'd like to share my mod, due couldn't
couldn't find if someone did such mod, only what I found was:
Stock Muffler mods? - Ford Mustang Forums

and baffle bypas How to: Factory muffler baffle bypass. - Ford Mustang Forums

but this is not satisfying, due last baffle is perforated and changing tone.

I decided to modify my stock exhaust, due I tested some, listened another one's on friends cars, none of them sounded I liked.
Most - if not all - had drone, whitch was hell for my wife, driving 200 miles at 60-70mph was hell. Many of them were too loud for neighbours and city driving, so first I did test muffler in my ex v6 and was very happy - as single muffler it was sounding good - and give me some power and lot of torque, see dyno runs. One is completly stock, second is Volant intake and my exhaust, VMP tune.

Now with GT i couldn't get what I want, so also - stock muffler mod.

What You need, is to buy some nice stainless still double walled exhaust tip for welding. I wanted to look similar to FRPP GTA's. My tips ar 3,5OD and 2,5ID, they are 10inch long, I wanted them to get out of the car,
also cutting machine, tig welder (I welded stainless still to have no rust).

Now You need to open the top, cut close to the out and in - all then all inside gets out.
You need to cut end of out baffle, due it's less diameter than any other, saves Your torque, and weld it to out.
Finally weld the top again with TIG, cut exhaust tip and weld new one,
clear all, paint with temp resistant paint silver or black and You are done.

There are not many photos of inside mod, but You should catch it.

Now about sound You get.
Loud and very nice rumble on cold start, on hot idle you hear every cylinder work with very very low deep tone around the car, nearly like subwoofer running 20hz. You hear it very nice inside, completly not disturbing.
On normal driving with window closed You don't here them, till You don't make WOT:) While WOT it's still not disturbing and not makeing noise inside, but it makes really low nice tone, like big muscle car, perfect on decell, really can't describe.
On WOT outside i'ts perfect, quite loud, low tone, hearing each cylinder work, but inside it's not loud.

Neighbours will not kill You, due i't not so loud, You don't get ticket, has NO DRONE, and it's cheap and it's what I wanted.

First clip from cold start is here:

V6 muffler mod is very similar, on one of links above You can find how it looks inside.

Ones You test, You can order new at some exhaust shop to be done all stainless still, here about 250$ for both.

Greetz form Poland,
Mustang Race 2011 - YouTube
Mustang Klub Polska | Facebook






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