Does the Rubber Seal Around the Front Headlights Stretch?

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  1. +1! :bang:
  2. the ONLY way that guy could have scratched the BUMPER is if he put UPWARD force on the head lamp, which even then is a hard task to accomplish

    your supposed to slide it out towards you! :doh:

    this dude is FTMFL:notnice:

    if you dont want to do anything, bend over and go to your nearest Ford Dealership

  3. I thought id be nice enough to walk you through it to show you how simple it really is:

    The Dreaded Light:

    Lift hood and pull the two pins that hold the headlight in place.

    Once removed, you can un-clip the two wire harnesses to go to the bulbs.

    thank you :)

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  4. The procedure that you just walked me thru is simple enough to follow. That's not the problem. The problem is that when the headlight assembly unit is taken off and then put back correctly into place inside the header panel, the gap is still there. The headlight unit fits correctly in its place but the gap is still present. I don't understand what is causing the gap to still be there if all your disassembly and reassembly procedure is followed correctly?
    I still haven't been able to narrow down the cause of the gap problem.

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  5. Wow, I'm frustrated just F'ing READING this damn thread.

    P U L L T H E P O D!

    I bent a retainer clip on my driver side a bit and it makes mine sag about a 1/4 inch. I'm buying a new retainer clip to fix this. Stop being such a vag about the magical paint thats "bubbling and orange peeled" (great work there btw) and pull the two clips out.

    If the clips are difficult as hell to get out...THEY BENT THEM USING FORCE LIKE MONKEYS! I know this because I did the same thing. :nice:

    *Edit: If you're telling us that you did in fact pull the headlamps out, then I can almost guarentee you it's the retaining clips aren't securely fastening the light to the header.*
  6. do you have a camera? :shrug:
  7. Do us all a in the stang for a Volvo. Problem Solved!

    Good lord, my wife would have figured this out by now!
  8. Word - my wife pulled the headlamps and the entire bumper herself - I is good. :flag:
  9. if you do not try, you will not learn

    if you do not learn, you will run into these types of potential problems(people damaging/abusing your car)

    we are encouraging you to tackle this. if we have scared you away or seem to have been "too hard" on you we only mean it in the sense that we cant believe a shop could have screwed something like this up as well as you not wanting to try to fix this simple task yourself

    if you are thinking the reason why you cant take out the light is because the person you took it to had trouble and will not touch it, does not mean that it's difficult. one should question the competence of this person as a mechanic, not be afraid to do it themselves.

    we all have faith in you:)
  10. Seriously I know you can do it and I think you may discover the crux of the problem.

    After you take the pods off, if you cannot see the problem we are going to suggest removing the entire bumper cover so you might want to start preparing yourself mentally for that... :D
  11. since "pulling the pod isn't the problem" then do so and take pics. Some one you know has a digi-cam and will allow you to freely share your pics and we we be able to help you better...

    Then this thread that begs to end, more than people jokingly beg for the seafoam thread to end, can be done and over with.
  12. I am going to take my car to the body shop on Monday for them to fix the orange peel and to look into the rough area underneath the paint on the right hand part of the bumper just underneath the right passenger side amber lights.

    As for the gap problem, if the body shop owner will not try to correct the problem, I am going to take my Mustang to Ford for an oil change so I will have the cheif technician take a look at it. Maybe he will have the big balls to take off the headlight assembly and fix the gap problem.
  13. so lemme get this straight

    your gunna bring ur car to the same place for orange peel when they screwed up ur lights?

    oh boy :rolleyes:
  14. What do you want me to do? To pay MORE money by bringing it somewhere else? The bodyshop has already been paid for the work that they did to my car. I do NOT intend to pay another bodyshop to fix the problem that the first bodyshop created. It would be stupid to do that.
  15. The problem here is that you are a total girl. Sorry, but this is not rocket science. TRY AND TOUCH THE STANG YOURSELF, it wont bite.:flag:
  16. I would but if I accidently scratch the bumper I am the one who is going to be responsible for it and then WHO will pay to fix it? I will have to pay an extra $300 to get the bumper repainted again. That's why I don't want to touch anything. I am not mechanically inclined and I am afraid of doing any damage. Plus, I don't want to spend anymore money to have to fix my car.
  17. i salute your patience with all the flaming thats going on in here

    i try to be as fair as i can possibly be. although sometimes i may step over that. (this line is f'ed im too tired. you get what im sayin)

    however at the end of the day, it is your car. do what you think is best. let us know how everything goes
  18. I will let you guys all know whether or not there are any improvements. I am hoping that the bodyshop owner is going to check everything out one more time. He did say that he was going to check the screws that adjust the headlight units up and down. Maybe that's what causing the gap. Could the headlight unit adjustment screws cause the gap problem if nothing is broken or cracked and if everything is on correctly?
  19. And I salute your ability to remain civil towards this guy. You obviously haven't seen 2 OTHER THREADS where he's ****ed and moaned like Alicia Silverstone in CLUELESS about his headlights.

    What gets me is that after all of our sound FREE advice, he would still rather go to the EXPERTS who screwed him in the first place. Got news for him, they're not going to find the problem if they think "adjusting some screws" on the headlights is the culprit. The only screws on the headlights are used to adjust the beams internally.

    This thread is a complete joke...It has to be!
  20. you live and learn:nice: