Does the Rubber Seal Around the Front Headlights Stretch?

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  1. I think he is just as obsessive as most Mustang owers. However, he is different than most in the sense that he is not willing to tear his car apart and possibly tear it up...

    I am glad I tore into the GT it was good practice for tearing into the Cobra :nice:

    DO IT!
  2. That's EXACTLY what's going on. I am very onsessive with my Mustang. Iand I am different than most others in here because I am NOT willing to tear apart my car BY MYSELF when I am unsure about things. Please understand this.
  3. It's NOT a joke. I am trying to get to the bottom of this problem. This is NOT a joke like you say it is. I NEVER said that I wasn't going to take everyone's free advice in here. I do cherish your advice. Also, please understand that if the bodyshop cannot fix the gap problem, if I was to tamper with the headlight units, I would probably would have the same luck. And there is a chance that I would break or scratch something too. You think that I will be able to take off the headlight unit and not do any damage, but I am unwilling to do this because I know myself. If I touch anything, there is a good chance that I will scratch something or do damage to something. The bodyshop owner is a friend of mine. I doubt that he would want to screw me like you say he is. You don't know him. I do. I would think that he would want to try and correct the problem and if he's telling me that he cannot adjust the headlight unit anymore to fix the gap, I don't think that he's lying to me.
    The next stop will be at my local Ford service department if the bodyshop owner cannot fix the gap problem. I know the chief mechanic at Ford and he knows my car inside out. I will ask him to see if he can fix the gap problem. If he takes out the headlight unit and cannot correct the gap, then the bodyshop owner is not lying to me.
  4. That's my 2001 Mustang GT. And yes, it IS indeed a very nice and clean car with very low miles on it (only 2,6xx orignal miles).
    But the car which has the gap problem is my 2002 V6 Mustang. I would really be angry if my 01 GT had the gap problem. The GT is the diamond of my Mustang collection.
  5. X1,000,000

    Quit being a wuss about it and just take the headlights out. If you go slow you wont scratch anything. Jesus, Id hate to see you take out 94-98 headlights.

    Off topic: Do you change your own oil or anything? Or are you afraid to scratch up the oil pan? This thread makes me laugh because youre so scared to touch your car. And its not even a GT, "your diamond", its a V6.
  6. I always bring my V6 Mustang to Ford service for all my oil changes and maintenance. I still have the 7 year/100,000 miles ESP Warranty on my car until January 2009. I bring it to Ford for all the services because of the warranty.
  7. go to sleep! :mad:

  8. How do I get Seafoam out of my headlights?
  9. How did you get Seafoam in your headlights?
  10. theyre f'king with you...come on guys this is tech...dont bs..if u have a suggestion make a post...otherwise:ban:

    i say stupid crap too but if it doesnt have a realistic application i keep it in talk

  11. Being made fun of just because someone like me doesn't want to tamper or touch anything to try and repair the gap problem on my car is ludacrous. Especially when someone like me is not mechanically inclined.
  12. set it on fire , when it gets hot enough it will mold to the bumper so you wont have to worry about it getting scratched
  13. I say this should just be moved to talk.

    Seriously, pulling 4 sliding "thingies" does not involve any mechanical know how. Crap a 5 year old can use a mechanical pencil sharpener, thats 10x harder than this and takes about the same ammount of time.

    Once again to the OP. Please wherever the headlights come off at next take pics for us. Take pics of the back of the lights, take pics of the insert holes. Take pics of the retaining pins, take pics of them installed from the top, etc... go all out.
  14. +1 move to talk
  15. You know I hate it when you agree with me, but now at least we can trash this thread guilt free. :SNSign:
  16. thingies FTW!:banana:
  17. Every one likes "thingies" :nice:
  18. I brought my Mustang back to the bodyshop this morning for them to do all the necessary repairs.

    Well, I just got my Mustang back from the bodyshop again this evening. They wet sanded and fixed the parts of the bumper that had orange peel in the paint. They also wet sanded and fixed the right hand side of the bumper which wraps around under the right fender underneath the amber colored signal light because there was roughness underneath the paint in this section of the bumper.

    The bodyshop also tried to fix the gap in the passenger side headlight unit. They were able to adjust the headlight unit a little bit more than they did before and they were able to make the gap a little smaller than it was before. The headlight unit still has a small gap between itself and the front pointed part of the front fender, but it doesn't look as bad as it did before. Right now, when you look at it, you can see the inside perimeter of the front pointed part of the front fender almost touching and almost sitting about half way inside the rubber seal of the headlight unit. I will try to take some pictures of it tommorrow if I can find some time and if it's sunny outside to show you what I mean by this.
    The gap is still there, but the gap is smaller gap space now because the black rubber seal on the headlight unit is "almost" touching the fender and it's "almost" sitting inside the pointed part of the fender. Before the fix, the rubber seal on the headlight unit was not even touching the front pointed part of the front fender and there was a larger space in the gap at that particular location. Right now, there less gap space between the rubber seal and the front pointed part of the front fender. The rubber seal on the headlight unit is almost touching the inside edge of the fender where the headlight unit fits into the fender. You can still see somewhat of a small gap space, but it's not as big of a gap as it used to be. This is the best that the bodyshop can do trying to fix this gap problem. I'm just hoping that the headlight unit doesn't move downwards and open up the size of the gap between the front pointed part of the front fender and the top part of the headlight unit where the rubber seal is located.
    What do you think? Will the headlight unit stay tightly in its place where it's at right now and NOT open up the gap anymore after this fix was done?