Doesnt' have a whole lot to do with stangs... but

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  1. You're PREGNANT!:eek:

    Who's the lucky Daddy? :shrug:

  2. He'd bloody well better NOT be pregnant! :fuss: Not even if it's the goat!
    Were's my "special" pliers and that stock of extra-thick o-rings????? :mad:

    Still Dreamin'
  3. Is it you then? :shrug:
  4. No-Kitten's preg-O?

    Wait 'till I tell everybody!!!!
  5. None of the kitties are expecting. Although that fuzz on Peanut boy does look an awful lot like Blue with purple spots. Maybe Fritz is color blind......

  6. um, Fritz? what are you smoking and why aren't you sharing? Were you in Cheech's grass again? Or is it more of the familiar Codine/Morphine/whatever? I'm a MALE cougar, got it?

  7. See dad... it has been confirmed. No more denying it ......BTW can borrow the car for the weekend? :D
  8. You obviously don't know mold when you see it! :rolleyes:
  9. I think I have a picture around here to confirm the rumor, let me dig around in the gutter files a lil bit.

    BTW StDrm can I join in the jacuzzi.. I was a good dog and brought those hot ASU coeds....
  10. No more prime rib diet for you Dawg!:nono:damn mutt...bites the hand that's feeding him....knew I shoulda had him spayed! And Std...Think long and hard about letting him in the'll be a real b*tch getting that "wet Dawg" smell outta here!:eek:
    HELL NO!!! You can't even reach the peddles much less the steering wheel, or see over the dash for that matter! Worse yet, you'll fall off of the seat and roll under it where you'll sit and fester and rot for the next six months until I vacuum the car again!:mad:
  11. :D The motion has been seconded.......

    Mmmmmmm....Hot ASU coeds (in my best Homer Simpson)