Electrical Doing A "wire Tuck" On A 93 Lx. Left Frame Rail Side Harness Blk/wht 2 Into 1 Goes Where ?

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Mar 10, 2000
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The picture shows the common ground point for the battery , computer, & extra 3G alternator ground wire as described above in paragraph 2. A screwdriver points to the bolt that is the common ground point.

The battery common ground is a 10 gauge pigtail with the computer ground attached to it.
Picture courtesy timewarped1972

Correct negative battery ground cable.

3.) The computer's main power ground (the one that comes from the battery ground wire) uses pins 40 & 60 for all the things it controls internally: it comes off the ground pigtail on the battery ground wire. Due to its proximity to the battery, it may become corroded by acid fumes from the battery.
In 86-90 model cars, it is a black cylinder about 2 1/2" long by 1" diameter with a black/lt green wire.
In 91-95 model cars it is a black cylinder about 2 1/2" long by 1" diameter with a black/white wire.
You'll find it up next to the starter solenoid where the wire goes into the wiring harness.

All the grounds listed in items 1,2 & 3 need to bolt to clean, shiny bare metal. A wire brush or some fine sandpaper is the best thing to use to clean the ground connections.



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Jul 29, 2002
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Thanks for the reply but that's not it.
I remember those ground wires and I'm ok with them but the 2 - 16/18 Gauge Blk/Wht 2 in to 1 looks like they use to be in a connector but I can't find which one it was.

I'll try to find a 1993 5.0L LX wiring diagram to see what colors run on the left side frame rail.


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Jul 29, 2002
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Oh , we're maybe on something.
I know where is the windshield washer harness but there is also a test plug connector ?

So if it's the case this is 2 Blk/Wht wires going into 1 in a grey plug ( that I lost somehow ) or it wasn't there.

This plug is just there but there is nothing plugged on it ?

Thanks for the help.


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Jul 29, 2002
Montreal , Quebec !
I still haven't figured it out yet but the 2 into 1 Blk/Wht wires are in the same harness as the DRL "Day Time Running Light" harness & the Windshield washer harness + others .




All I have found is this :
Pin 40 & 60 are Blk/Wht and goes to ground , can it be the one I'm looking for ?

I'm not good are reading schematic and if they are only ground why the put them so far from the ECU or EEC what ever the name is ?

I'm not sure if you can see the picture of the schematic tho.

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