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  1. ok....for starters i just bought my 95 cobra a few weeks ago and i love the thing. BUT this kid at my school keeps telling everyone that he has a "COBRA" and its pissing me off because its a v6 with the cobra hood, cobra bumper, snake emblums, and every thing else that would make it look like a cobra. I mean....y do people do this, they prob spend about 2000 grand just to make it look like a cobra when they could spend about that much and buy a REAL one. Does this bother anyone else as bad as it bothers me? sry for the complaint i just cant stand people who do this :D ! btw i plan on racing his v6 fobra asap and proving to him that his car is slow, because for some reason he thinks its fast.(I would know because i used to own a v6 :notnice: )
  2. Hey Smith, I see you’re from Granite Bay, so am I. What do you say we both meet up with this fool some time and show him what real Cobras do! :nice:

    I’m guessing your still in high school? :shrug: I graduated the year before the GB HIGH SCHOOL was completed.
  3. i know what you mean i seen a 4 banger fox with 5.0 emblems..... i felt like goin over and ripping it off....... poser
  4. The thing that bothers me is that enough people do it to the extent that I get asked if mine is real.
  5. Funny, I've removed all the emblems and badges from my REAL Cobra! LOL
  6. f u c k it...wait until you blow his doors him out at school in front of everyone and see what he says...I remember back in the day when I was in high school this fool had like a 97 gt (white) with blue racing stripes exhaust and cobra symbols...i dogged him every day with my 91 5.0 (which didn't have cobra symbols BTW) telling him his **** was fake and he avoided me at all costs....I woulda ran 11.6 at a 116
  7. Well I plan on having a '93 Cobra clone. I always loved the '93 Cobra but we didn't have them in Canada. :( I'm not gonna tell anyone it's a real Cobra but I won't say it's a GT either :)
  8. if i made a cobra clone, i would tell people it is a cobra clone :) i wouldnt say it is a real cobra LOL! if i was froggy enough, i would steal his VIN during lunch and run a carfax report on it and post it all over the school LOL!
  9. i know exactly what you mean!!! The 94's and 95's dont have the cobra hood, cobra bumper, or the front grill emblum. The 94's dont even have the svt emblum on the back. i get asked if its real all the time, and every once in a while you will get dumbass kids that dont believe you until you show them the pink slip. but i consider my car a sleeper even tho its not the fastest. the best part about a cobra is when people ask you what kind of stang you have.....and i say with pride....cobra. :D then they get that look on there face, know what i mean? :rlaugh: :banana:
  10. haha...btw i like the pacific green :nice: . can i ask you what happened to all of your "cobra accesories" lol
  11. No.

    There were a couple of younger guys (teens) at the car wash last weekend while I was getting the car cleaned up. The missing wing really threw them; I think they decided it was a V6 or GT with a Cobra nose.

    And badges.

    And rear bumper.

    And hood.

    And brakes.

    And wheels.

    Cracked me up. Go ahead, think it's a six. I won't mind. :D

  12. Doesn't really bother me. Funny story. I went to Les Schwab to price lowering springs. Guy asked me what kind of car. I told him "1999 Cobra". Guy looks at me, goes outside to look under my car to see if it had IRS. He didn't believe me. He went on to say that so many guys around are putting Cobra stuff on GTs to make them look like Cobras that he has to make sure before he orders the wrong parts. Can't blame guys for wanting Cobras.
  13. I have been asked a few times if mine is real, mostly by ricers. I tell them yea and pop the hood.
  14. I hate it just as much as the next Cobra owner,same goes for fake saleens and fake roush mustangs, but what are you gonna do. If given the chance smoke to doors off his car. :nice:
  15. :eek: :nono:
  16. Do you guys dislike kit Cobras? :scratch:
  17. ya
  18. SmithCobra95 - well, first off I hope you kick his azz real bad in the race. The more witnesses the better. But what ever you do, don't stall or miss a gear or anything. The LAST thing you want is that guy (and witnesses) laughing at you. :D

    The fake'ness doesn't really bug me . . . only when people really try to pass it off as THE REAL DEAL does it start to bug me. But it's not just cars. I've known people that will fake/front just about everthing, including but not limited to:

    Cologne: "If you like Polo, you'll love Rolo"

    Shoes: Nikes - People were actually selling these on the corners around here for a while. Looked like a pair of Nike shoes. Until you got real close and noticed the little "s" at the end of NIKEs

    Watches: Someone wearing a Rolex, and you know darn well they work at Burger King after school. How in the world did they afford a $17,000 watch? :)

    . . . and the list goes on and on. Again, good luck kickin' that guy's azz. :nice:
  19. Here is my solution to the fakes! Supposed to be a pic here of my plate VENOMIS? Please see garage.
  20. It mostly just pisses me off when other people don't beleive mine is a real Cobra because soo many other punks in the area here [major college campus town] have rebadged V6 parading around as SVT's

    I like Kit Cobras because they have everything original Cobras were. The power, the suspension, etc. I don't like it when the owner says, 'Yeah its an orig. Cobra" when in fact is actually a kitcar.

    THeres nothing wrong with kitcars, ppl like them just as much. Just be proud of what you drive, casue nobody else really cares.